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Toyota Kenya Car Loans

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Toyota Kenya is one of the authorised car dealers in Kenya that have been around for years. Their fleet brands are Toyota, Yamaha, Hino and Suzuki brands. Since 1997, as a subsidiary of Tsusho Corporation, Toyota is the no 1 brand car in Kenya and is favoured among many.

What We Know About Toyota

Out of the many car dealerships in Kenya, Toyota has the reputation of always offering legit cars. Durability, engine power, mileage, fuel consumption and spare parts. To say the least!

Toyota Kenya allows one to get financing for the car of their dreams and repay for up to 60 months. You can choose any car at an interest of 18%. 

Toyota must be doing pretty well for them to have the whole business ‘shabang’ going on. I mean, when you have a foundation going on, you must really be a top player in the game!

What services Does Toyota Kenya Offer, And What Is It Best Known For?

Toyota Kenya offers a full range of services for cars as well as motorbike services. They sell and finance cars from Toyota, Yamaha, Hino and Suzuki.

Apart from servicing and selling cars, they also have the best and original spare parts for the car models they sell. 

Toyotas’ in-house financing allows you to get in house maintenance under the same roof as the dealer.

The Exact Cost Of The Loan And A Representative Example

Each car model has its own estimate and costs. On average, getting financed with Toyota will look like this for Ksh 1 million.

Financing amount = Ksh. 1,000,000

Repayment period = 60 months.

Monthly repayment Ksh.15,236.00

Total interest on the car loan: Ksh.314163

The total amount paid: Ksh. 1,314,163

*The calculation is indicative, you need to contact Toyota Kenya for a direct quote.*

How Can You Get A  Car Loan From Toyota Kenya?

To be able to qualify for car financing with Toyota Kenya, you will need to have the following documents,

  • ID documents and Pin
  • 6months bank statement. Latest.
  • 3 months payslip
  • Completed application form.

Of course, Toyota Kenya will run a credit check with CRB( Credit Reference Bureau.) to verify how much financing you can afford. On the plus side, their credit assessment is quick and their turnaround time in decision making is fast.

Disbursement And Repayments At Toyota Kenya

Once your application has been approved, Toyota Kenya allows you to take the car and pay it back in instalments as agreed.

If you default on your payment, after 30 days, you will be reported and listed under CRB.

If the default surpasses 3 months, the car will be repossessed.

What Unique MotorShop Has To Offer?

Toyota cars have a warranty for more than 1 year for Suzuki, Hino, Yamaha and Toyota cars as well. 

One also gets a 100,000 km warranty, 25,000 km or 1-year free service. Whichever comes first.

Promotions/Offers/Discounts  And Rewards From Toyota Kenya

Toyota always has offers, clean cars and good warranties on their website. From Cars, spare parts, and motorcycles. Click here and see if you like what they have on offer.

You can also get offers on car financing as well.

How Can I Contact With Toyota?

You can contact Toyota Kenya via their Social media handles:-

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Alternatively, try to send them an email through  [email protected]

Or call using any of these two lines  0800723222./0717572400.

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