New Loan apps in Kenya 2022

[Update: 04.04.2022]

The digital money space is getting fuller by the day with mobile lenders cropping up every other day. Startups are great yes, but. In Africa, especially Kenya,  the desired ground zero for all things new business. How do we pick the wheat from the chaff?

CBK has had to impose regulations on digital lenders by requiring them to have new licenses. These said licenses are meant to regulate interest rates and keep off predatory lenders.

Of the new loan apps in Kenya, which are the best apps for borrowing money?

First, How do you separate the wheat from the chaff?

At first, the need to get money fast clouded Kenyans’ judgement. The latter rushed to borrow without doing due diligence on mobile lending companies. Now that we have a lot of them creeping up, it’s easy to pick the good ones from the predatory ones. 


  1. Check to see if the company has an ‘https’ website with an in-app chat.
  2. Do they have a customer care number that is easily accessible and do they pick calls?
  3. Physical office location. It doesn’t matter if these are modern times. The physical office verifies that the government is aware of this lenders trading license
  4. Social media presence. This is the tricky part. As a lot of handles shadow existing companies. Therefore it’s important to verify through the lenders’ website which official platform to use.
  5. Consistency and proper lenders do not call your contacts.

Which Mobile Apps are the Most Reliable?

The top 3 mobile Lenders trusted in Kenya are:

Tala: They are one of the early digital lenders in the market.

Zenka: Their 0% first loan for 1st-time borrowers is unique.

Branch: Their initial interest rates are appealing.

Upcoming New Mobile Loan Apps in Kenya?

Fairkash: Tailored for small businesses.

Faraja loan app: Meant for retailers to get access to credit.

Lioncash: Mobile lending app similar to zash and iPesa.

Zash Loan: Standard lending app.

Mobile Loan Apps That Call your Contacts.

Zash loan.

Okash Loan app

iPesa loan app