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Motorhub Car Loans

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Motorhub Limited is a car dealership offering car financing for small cars to big trucks. Their cars are of quality and are imported all the way from Japan, the UK and Thailand. Most of their cars cater to the above-average wealthy folk; Landcruisers and luxury cars like Audi and Mercedes.

What We Know About MotorHub

Motorhub is based along Kiambu road. A residential area mainly occupied by the upper class. 

Their cars are of good quality and very polished. Most of the cars sold by Motorhub are high end and sell from 1 million to 4 million. Don’t have a million lying around? They have financing to help drive your dream car and pay it off in monthly instalments.

The look and feel of the website leave much to be desired hence the ranking of 4. And who still uses YU cash!!

What services Does MotorHub Offer, And What Is It Best Known For?

Motorhub car dealership not only sells second-hand cars, but they also offer car financing and trade-in as well as sailings ( Not boats, just new arrival cars straight from being shipped!).

In as much as they mostly have expensive high-end cars, they also try to cover the average user tag price. Though slightly higher, you can get regularly used cars in Kenya. Like, Honda Fit, Vitz, Mazda and Toyota.

The Exact Cost Of The Loan And A Representative Example

The exact cost of car financing with Motorhub will depend on the type of car you choose and the monthly repayment period that you are comfortable with. 

On average, however, let us show you what the cost might look like as a representative example based on their loan calculator.

For a loan amount of Ksh.1,000,000 with a repayment of 24 months, at an interest of  9% plus the 30% deposit.

Motorhub will finance you Ksh. 700,000, and monthly repayment will be around  Ksh.19,129.

For a total of 24 months at that rate, you will have paid Ksh.459, 096 on top of the Ksh 700,000 deposit.

*Calculation is indicative. Contact Motorhub for a direct quote.*

Your monthly payments and deposit amount will depend on your credit assessment. Deposit rates range from 10%-40%

How Can You Get A  Car Loan From MotorHub?

What is needed to get car financing from Motorhub is: 

  • 6months bank statements, 
  • 3 months payslip,
  • KRA pin and ID copy.
  • Introduction letter from HR
  • NTSA TIMS Account.

From there, the financing process will involve the following steps.

  1. 6 months bank statement emailed to [email protected] or Whatsapp to 0708728346 or 0798500000
  2. After assessment feedback, pay a 30 %deposit.
  3. After 6 days, sign the contract.
  4. Comprehensive insurance processing after that.
  5. Car released to you

*Additional fees and charges may apply.*

Disbursement And Repayments At MotorHub

Once everything is in check, you get to go home with your purchase. However, you will not own the car until all debt is paid. 

The logbook will be in joint registration with Motorhub hence the NTSA TIMS account.

If salaried, the deduction will be directly from your payslip.

When you finish off your loan with Motorhub, the logbook will be registered in your name and signed over to you.

What Unique MotorHub Has To Offer?

We could not find any unique featured offered by Motorhub dealers.

Promotions/Offers/Discounts  And Rewards From MotorHub

Time and again, Motorhub has offers on their cars. Mostly reduced prices and Quick sales on cars that have been in their yard for too long.

How Can I Contact With MotorHub?

To contact Motorhub, try using their social media handles first.




Alternatively, you can try them through Whatsapp: 254708728346

Don’t have credit or airtime? Just send the word Motorhub to 20360

Should you prefer to email them, you can use [email protected] ;

Or, if you want to go to them, you need to get to Kiambu Road, opposite Ridgeway inn.

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