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[Update: 11.04.2022]

Well, Tala sure has worked very hard to stay on the top 10 mobile lenders in Kenya!. Apart from their attractive low-interest fees, they have been considered reliable and more flexible in offering loans. As of 2021, Tala has tightened its accessibility with only a few clients being able to get a loan. Why? As with most mobile lenders, the CRB ban by the Central Bank of Kenya increased the borrowing risk and increase in defaulters. Companies had to run strict assessments and reduce loan limits as well as borrowing power.

What is Tala loan App?

Tala is a subsidized money lending company based in 5 countries worldwide, Kenya, Mexico, the Philippines and India. Formerly known as Mkopo Rahisi, Tala has been operating in Kenya since 2014. Being the first of its kind in Kenya, Tala is driven by the desire to bring out people’s potential by empowering them financially to achieve their dreams. Tala is one of the most relied on loan apps in Kenya. 

Tala runs its operation with the idea of #radicaltrust as the backbone of its business.

Where can I download the Tala loan app?

The Tala loan app can be downloaded from Google PlayStore and is only accessible with android phones.

There is no USSD option for accessing Tala loans. This app is also not compatible with IOS, iPhone users.

Eligibility and requirements for Tala loans?

To borrow money from Tala, one has to,

  • Be above the age of 18 and have a valid National ID.
  • Have an Android-powered smartphone.
  • A M-Pesa registered Safaricom sim card.

Who can benefit from Tala loans?

  • Small business owners, and
  • Part of the population that is not recovered by credit bureaus.

Disbursements and repayments at Tala

Once you qualify for Tala loans, money is disbursed to your Mpesa account in under 5 minutes.

When your date is due, Tala will send you an SMS reminder and the amount you need to pay. If you want to repay your loan through M-Pesa,

  1. Select the pay bill option,
  2. Enter business number 851900.
  3. Enter account number as the phone number you borrowed with. 
  4. Input pin and pay.
  5. Receive confirmation via Mpesa.

Tala accepts both full repayments or instalments. If you pay on time, you get a higher credit limit the next time you need to borrow.

What happens in the case of overpayment with Tala? Tala will refund excess payments or charge them to your next loan. If you want a refund, just text  21991 with the transaction Mpesa SMS.


What are the penalties for late repayments on Tala?

Tala will charge a principal fee of 8%  as a late fee of the initial amount. 

However, Tala comes up with loan terms and conditions for their services. Read through them and agree on whether to proceed and take their loan if the terms favour you.

Promotions and rewards from the Tala loan app.

Tala has a community where they educate their customers on financial education. You can join to get some financial tips. Apart from the Tala Community, they have Enlighten, a program that acts as a financial coach for you. Download the app and get financial tips.

Tala app makes it easy for users to track their credit using the My Tala status. Tala has no minimum repayment amount set. Customers can always repay their loan anytime throughout the limit.

By referring Tala to a friend, you are likely to earn yourself Kshs 500 credit. These promotions are running on their social media pages, and you can keep checking those platforms for more details.

How to Contact Tala

Generally, to contact Tala you will have to visit their website and choose from the many options of communication they have there. It is a cumbersome and tedious process and your best shot of assistance.

Talas’ email address is [email protected]

You could try to reach them via their social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

For assistance and other emergencies, you can also send a text to 21991.

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