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How to Register and Qualify for Zenka Loans

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What we Know about Zenka Loan App.

[Update: 24.01.2022]

What’s new with Zenka? This mobile lender has brought back their 61 days interest-free loan for first-time customers. That and also, 30 days repayment period for repeat customers.

Zenka is Kenya’s most highly recommended mobile loan app. Not only does their first loan attract 0% interest, but its fast and seamless service has Kenyans downloading the app by the thousands.

The  Zenka application is straightforward and takes less than 3 minutes to sign up and apply for a loan. Upon approval, money is sent directly to your phone via Mpesa in less than 5 minutes.

What makes Zenka loans most reliable, is that they don’t require any collateral or registration fees, are approved fast, and one can access higher loan amounts at a low fee. ( Check Zenka loan extension offers below.)

Zenka also has a referral programme that allows its customers to withdraw their monies regardless of having a loan or not.

How does the Zenka loan App work and is my data secure?

The Zenka loan application uses machine learning algorithms to access the individual’s credit profiles, process various data entries and design the ideal loan product for a person.

Some of the data collected are GPS data, device information, contact list, SMS log, call log and repayment history. Information collected by Zenka is solely for the purpose of determining your eligibility to get a loan with them.

You need to give your consent before the application can access your information. The collected data is then used to verify the customer’s identity, protect his/her identity,  as well as create a credit score for him/her. ( Zenka confirms that your data is secure and no information is shared with Third parties.)

Eligibility and requirements to get a loan from Zenka.

Before applying for a  Zenka loan online, these are the requirements:

  • National Identification number,
  • Smartphone,
  • Safaricom line registered with Mpesa.

In short, input your general details and add a security question to secure your account. After, Zenka will determine your eligibility by checking your credit through CRB.

How you use your phone will also be considered. Mainly transactional messages and other relevant data that goes into verifying you as a positive candidate to get their loans. Zenka will not share your information with third parties or contact persons on your phone list.

After satisfying the above requirements, use the following procedure to apply for a Zenka Loan:

  • Go to
  • Download the Zenka Loan app and install it.
  • Open the application after installing it.
  • Use your phone number to register.
  • Fill in the form that will be provided so that Zenka Finance can conduct a review. You will be required to fill out your name, National ID number, and date of birth.
  • Wait for feedback to proceed with your loan application.
  • Once your information is validated, you will be redirected to the loan offer page where you will borrow the loan.
  • Submit the loan request and wait for approval.
  • After approval, you will receive money in your Mpesa account.

How to apply for a loan with Zenka

Zenka loan limit ranges from Kshs. 500 to Kshs. 42,000, while the repayment period ranges between 1 to 61 days for first-time users and 30 days for repeat customers. Pay your loan on time to increase your loan limits.

  • Download the app from their websitePlaystore or Apple store.
  • Fill in the application with your name, phone number, email e.t.c.
  • Input amount you require within the set limit,
  • Once approved, you will receive the money into your mpesa account within minutes.

This Lender allows you to apply for another loan even if you have an existing one with them, as long as it’s within your awarded limit.

Having debts on many lending platforms may limit your chance of being approved of a loan from most lending apps.

Zenka has a USSD option. *841#. But it’s better to use the Latest app version as it has better loan limits, extensions and top-ups.

Disbursement and repayment of Zenka loans.

Once you qualify to get a loan with Zenka, you get money in your Mpesa account within 5 minutes. . Money borrowed is full money received as Zenka does not deduct interest fees upfront when you take a loan with them.

For a first time user, you will be charged a processing fee of 9-39 % of the principal amount. That will be around Ksh 45- Ksh 870. Let’s look at a representative example and the exact cost of a loan.

A  61-day loan with a principal amount of KSh 1,000, the processing fee will be Ksh. 290 and the total amount due will be KSh 1,290. (This is exclusive of the processing fee.)

*Calculation is indicative and might vary with each borrower.*

Penalty charges will incur every day for late repayment. Luckily, you can beat this by calling Zenka prior to your due date and request for a loan extension. 

To repay your Zenka loan, use the Zenka pay bill 979988. Your account number is the line t used to borrow the loan.

  • Open your Mpesa menu,
  • Select the Lipa na Mpesa option,
  • Click Paybill, and input 979988 as the business number.
  • Use your phone number (the one registered with Zenka) as the account number.
  • Enter the amount you want to repay,
  • Enter your Mpesa pin then authorise the transaction.
  • Wait for an SMS confirmation from Mpesa.

What are the penalties for late repayments for Zenka?

A 2% interest daily on the default of your loan is charged when you default.

However, Zenka offers you a unique option of loan extension if you cant repay your loan on time. At a charge of course, but cheaper than daily penalties right? The extensions are for 7,14 and 30 days. 

How do I apply for a loan extension via Zenka Loan App?

• Start the application,
• Select your extension term,
• Click on “Extend now”, an extension screen with offer details will appear,
• Click on “Extend” and follow the payment link.
After your extension payment is successfully processed, the due date of your loan will be updated. You will then receive an SMS notification.

Offers, Promotions and rewards from Zenka?

A lot of financial apps offer cashback or use rewards to repay existing loans. Most often, they are tied to repaying your loans or giving discounts. Not for these guys.

Zenka referral gives 200 for recommending a friend to register and try their 0% first loans. For every referral, they give you Ksh10. and when that referral borrows and repays their loan, you get  Ksh.200!  This money is yours to withdraw in cash straight to your Mpesa even if you have an active loan with them!

Zenka Contacts.

Do you have questions or need online support?  To contact Zenka, try these verified socials. Facebook, Twitter and the Website.

To directly talk to  Zenka Customer Care, Call using this working phone number: 0207650878 or visit the Chat option on the website that surprisingly has fast responses.

If interested in visiting their offices, their working hours: 8 a.m- 5 p.m.
Prefer to send an email? ask questions or send queries? try [email protected]

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