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Fortis Auto Car Loans

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Fortis auto is a car dealership company in Kenya that sells cars and also offers car financing options. They ensure a stress-free car buying experience and clean, dependable, safe vehicles. They are open and professional and conduct their business with high standards.

What We Know About Fortis Auto

Fortis Auto has a thorough understanding of the motor vehicle industry. They aim to give clients the best and superior services as their edge in business compared to other players in the market.

Fortis auto is a car dealership company in Kenya that sells cars and also offers car financing options. They ensure a stress-free car buying experience and clean, dependable, safe vehicles.

The look and feel of the website leave much to be desired hence the ranking of 4. And who still uses YU cash!!

What services Does Fortis Auto Offer, And What Is It Best Known For?

Services offered by Fortis Auto range from buying, selling, and trade-in of cars, to also offering spare parts and servicing of cars. ( Alarm fixing, central locking system and window tinting.)

The types of cars sold and financed by Fortis are  Toyota, Audi, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW, Mazda, Jaguar, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Honda, Volkswagen, Jeep, Landrover, Subaru, Nissan and, Hyundai.

The Exact Cost Of The Loan And A Representative Example

On car financing with Fortis, the interest rate will range according to your credit assessment and will range from about 5% – 20%. Remember they allow low credit scores? This might increase your financing repayment interest. 

How much would it cost, though? to take a car loan with Fortis? 

Well, for a car financing amount of  Ksh 1,000,000 and a repayment period of 5 years.

Let’s say an Interest rate of  5%.

Interest charged will total to Ksh. 132,274, and the  total amount paid on the financing will equal  Ksh.1,132,274.00

How Can You Get A  Car Loan FromFortis Auto?

To qualify for car financing with Fortis, you will need to meet the following requirements

  • Name and job title,
  • Personal information,
  • Area of residence and work,
  • KRA pin,
  • 3months payslip,
  • Bank statements.

If you visit the website, on the right side, there is a column where you can input the details of the car you want and input your contacts; Fortis will get back to you with rates and options for you.

You can choose the country of origin as well. Whether local, Japan, UK, Singapore or Thailand.

Disbursement And Repayments At Fortis Auto.

Obviously, for a car loan to be repaid, there has to be a surety that you will pay. Hence why having a salaried job and solid bank statement. Most car financing companies have the requirement that your payslip has to have at least a net pay of  Ksh 50,000. 

With Fortis, once all your documents are cleared, you get to use the car and pay back the instalment as the contract agreed. 

Should you come into some money and choose to offset your outstanding debt, you are at liberty to do so. Fortis will give you a good deal.

What Unique Fortis Auto Has To Offer?

We could not find any unique features offered by Fortis.

Promotions/Offers/Discounts  And Rewards From Fortis Auto.

We could not find any promotions or discounts from Fortis. We advise, however, if interested in purchasing a car with them, you visit them directly and bargain for a discount.

How Can I Contact With Fortis Auto?

To contact Fortis, send an email to  [email protected].

Or first, try to call them using 0722272829.

Our best advice when it comes to buying cars is to visit the yard physically. Fortis can be found at Elmolo drive Opp Jaffery club, Lavington Nairobi, Kenya. 8 am – 6 pm Monday through Saturday.

For browsing purposes on the types of cars or to get an understanding of the quality of their vehicles, check them out via Social media handles Twitter, Facebook  Instagram.

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