Where to find the best offers on Black Friday in Kenya? The best deals are not always the ones you think.

Well, it looks like the California Gold Rush. In prehistoric America, there was a time when a lot of gold was discovered to be buried in California. Americans from all the states were moving to the west to search for gold. It was a rush that led to more than 300,000 people moving to California for these newfound treasure that had been discovered.

That is what Black Friday looks like in the Kenyan market or rather in Nairobi because it is we the netizens of Nairobi who are always online looking out for offers on items that we need at a lower price.

Black Friday in Kenya

Who offers Black Friday in Kenya?

Forget the typical suspects when it comes to offers on goods and products. We all know telecommunication retail stores and supermarkets always have offers for us on many Fridays during the holiday season. That is obvious.

However, the first unique group of people who offer items at a lower cost are companies. Yes, most Kenyan companies receive gifts from their clients; might be phones, utensils, clothes etc. when these gifts become too much, they tend to sell them off at a lower price.

I will give you an example, a Kenya Airways t-shirt or a Kenyan sevens rugby t-shirt is some thousands at the Nairobi Sports House, right? But when you are an employee of KQ or for the company sponsoring the sevens rugby team, you can easily get these t-shirts at sh 500.

The best deals for the highest quality you can ever find is from a company selling off gifts to their staff. If you have a friend who works for these big firms, you can keep asking them when they will have an ‘open-air market’ for their gifts. And you can tell them to get you something nice at a fair price.

This kind of black Friday is only possible for big firms that receive a lot of gifts regularly. And is not really relatable to most Kenyans.

Electronics deals on Black Friday

Black Friday sale

These are what we want on offer so bad as Kenyans. Forget every little thing for a moment. Kenyans, especially city dwellers, love phones, laptops, flash drives and headphones. They are buying these items like crazy. Phones on offers move off the shelves at a speed of light. Actually, when you visit Jumia, you will find them sold off.

In case you go to Jumia, and you find them all finished, another store to check is always Safaricom retail stores. They sell good things, with a guaranteed warranty. And you will get assistance on how to use these gadgets on the spot. Okay, the technical assistance is not necessarily part of the offer, but sure it helps. Let’s say it is your first time to use an iPhone, won’t you need some assistance.

So, for such things like electronics, go to Masoko. This is Safaricom’s online retail store. They are selling the phones at a throwaway price.

You don’t have to worry about these offer alerts, they come straight to your email or phone or pop up on your social media timeline all the time. You are likely to get a lot of texts from your regular stores and service providers on deals being offered during these festive seasons.

I have received offers on all kinds of things on my phones. My regular barbershop has an offer on manicure, haircut and scrubbing combined. My gym has an offer of half-price regular monthly charge for the remaining months till January. This is to motivate me to work out and watch my diet during the festive season. Let me describe for you how my gym works to understand this better. The regular monthly charges are $40. Now if you pay $25 now, they will allow you to work out for the remaining period till January. Which deal is better than that?

Household goods and shoppings

Xmass shopping and expensive furniture are better bought on offer. There will be crazy deals coming your way soon. In fact, they are already here, check out these crazy deals on Jumia.

If you want to buy that leather seat, this is the best time. You better check Kilimall for such household items. They are usually down with smart offers when it comes to the kitchen and utensils. Your next juice blender is never really hard to get.

Kilimall is more of a family brand, and their offers are very good for those with families. Just by going through their site, you can tell that they can easily help you stock your kitchen cabinet.


NaivasTuskys and Tumaini are other spots with lots of Black Friday offers. I will pick these joints if I want offers on food. It is that season for offers, and if you just click on those links at the beginning of the paragraph, the first thing you will see is ‘Black Friday’.

If you have been shopping in these supermarkets for the past one or two years, I believe you have that loyalty card for smart points. And this might be your time to redeem those points and get goods at a discounted price that you can pay with your loyalty points. You won’t even need money if you have enough points. If you have to top up, it will be very small. I know regular shoppers at these supermarkets have gathered enough points over the last few months.

Black Friday sale


Who doesn’t like offers with these hard economic times, Kenyans have been crying over lack of money for the past few months. Well, we are on a tight budget at the moment and can’t help but rush for these offers like the California Gold Rush.

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