Nowadays, everyone in Kenya is recommended to undergo particular training courses if they wish to excel at their job. It is important for every company, big or small, and it should always be taken very seriously.


However, training courses are relatively expensive. Most of the time, with the average salary, an employer in Kenya can’t even afford to pay for their own training – so they will have to find the financing in other places.

Why Bother with Training Courses?

Most of the time, both employers and employees seem to think that the skills should be honed on the job. However, those investing in training and development will soon realize that not only are they making things easier on the employee, but they are also improving the productivity of the client.

Training courses can not only improve morale, competitiveness, and profitability, but they can also decrease inefficiency, maintenance costs, and unfortunate workplace incidents. Training courses will not only make the company seem more attractive to the new recruits – but it will also bring more customers. Some certificate courses in marketing will certainly prove the team’s efficiency to sell a product or service.

Where to Get Financing?

We have established that training courses are indeed important for a company – but if you are looking for sources to finance your savings, who do you turn to? Where can you get all that money for the computer courses that you wish to attend, for example?

Well, here’s what the Kenyan market can offer you:


There are several banks in Kenya that offer financing for whatever cause you might have – from paying off a home loan to financing your training courses. If you wish to take matters into your own hands and pay for your own training, you can take out a loan from the bank and repay it based on their schedule.

Bear in mind that banks have a fairly strict policy when it comes to credit. While they may be a fairly good option if you have stellar credit, they might not work out so great for you if your credit is bad. Not only do you risk being turned down – but in the event that they do provide the loan, it might be with a very high interest rate.

Sometimes, bringing a co-signer or collateral might get you a better deal. However, you need to remember that if you fail to pay back on time, you risk either the damage of your co-signer’s credit or the loss of your collateral.


Kenya has its fair share of private lenders that you can go for. Some of them have actual offices where you can go to for a check, while others work online. This way, you can get your funding right away, regardless of where you are.

ZENKA is such a lender – so, if you need an online loan in Kenya, you can always go for their services. If you have some online courses that you need to pay up, Zenka can take care of that matter for you.

The advantage that online lenders have over banks is that they are not as strict when it comes to the credit check. Usually, banks will conduct a hard credit inquiry that can leave a dark spot on your credit score. Private online lenders, on the other hand, will only conduct soft inquiries – which will not hit your credit score so bad.


This might actually be your best option to pay for your training courses. Employers all want their company to be productive. So, they should all be willing to make an investment if this means increasing their profits.

Some employers will actually pay the employee to take a certain training course – under the condition that the employee will remain in the company over a certain period of time. It would certainly not benefit them if the employee left right after completing the education course.

If a certain training course is tempting you, ask your boss for financial support. If they believe it might be beneficial to the company, then they might even pay it for you – without even deducting it from your salary.

Final Thoughts

Training courses can certainly be a great option to improve your productivity. Your quickest financing option would certainly be online loans, but you can also go for the other choices.

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