How to prepare yourself for a loan application process

Every day, thousands of people are looking for additional money to pay off debt, make house renovation or cover the unexpected expenses. But how to prepare yourself for applying for a loan?

If you are thinking of applying for a personal loan, here are a few things to be considered before making such a decision. During customer data verification, banks or lending institutions will ask many questions. They will be interested in your age, workplace, address, profession, seniority and the amount of money you would like to obtain. Also, last but not least – they will check your creditworthiness.

So, how to prepare yourself for borrowing money?

  1. Analyse your financial situation

The ability to pay off instalments on time is the most critical factor for every lender. Therefore, you should compare your earnings with your estimated expenses covering of course monthly instalment of a loan for which you are planning to apply. Make sure you pay enough attention to this stage and calculate everything in details to avoid overspending in the future. Try to predict all events which can disturb upcoming payments. Bear in mind that timely repayment contributes to building your positive scoring, thus proving how reliable and responsible customer you are.

Have a look at the mobile apps given below. You may find them useful, as they allow you to categorise your expenses, verify their structure, etc. To make the long story short – they will help you to keep control over your home budget.

  1. Make sure you meet the requirements

Before applying for a loan, double-check whether your identity card, driving licence, or your passport is still valid. Bear in mind, that the lender must verify your personality before signing any documents.

It comes in useful to have a bank account with several months of positive operation history, proving you’re a reliable and trustworthy customer.

  1. Read all documents carefully

Ascertain, you do understand all the terms and conditions (T&C) before signing them. Pay your attention to the attached repayment schedule and make sure you are aware of all costs related. Ask if anything is unclear for you.

It’s worth checking the typical scope of T&C you may encounter when applying for a loan (see below some examples).
Easy Loans T&C
Zenka T&C
Fadhili T&C

A typical T&C document should cover the essential information about a particular loan product. It should explain every definition and term used in the loan application process, inform about every type of costs (fees, interest rates, methods of payments, etc.). It is worth to read it slowly and pay attention to details.

Remember – each lender is obliged to provide you with this document before approving your loan application, either via a mobile app, a website or in a paper version.

Wrapping it up – estimate a proper balance between your financial liabilities and your monthly spending to be on the safe side during the funding period. Search, compare and choose wisely the loan or credit offer, and last but not least – do not save time for the analysis as you may lose much more – your money and your serenity.

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