Do Kenyans shop online?

When you type ‘‘Do Kenyans shop online?’ on the Google search bar, and this is what appears after 0.47 seconds:

Global consumer research firm Nielsen has tipped Kenyan retailers to go online, where about one out of every four consumers browse for products and services.”

_Annie Njanja

The above statement that was written 2 years ago shows that many Kenyan retailers have utilized online platforms to sell their products. It also implies that a lot of Kenyans take time to shop online.

Would you consider laying back on your couch and doing your monthly shopping rather than visit the supermarket and push a trolley around? The former sounds easier, here is why Kenyans shop online.


Shoppers are often shy about buying some items because they feel everybody is watching. With online shopping, buyers have privacy and avoid the risk of being seen by other buyers or shop attendants.

With online shopping, you simply choose, pay and wait for delivery. Buyers are now comfortable shopping for discreet items online compared to going to stores.

On the other hand, online buyers do not experience interruptions and get pulled in by promotions or sale of items, not on their list. Online buyers make purchases at the comfort of their homes.

Save time                                        

Shopping online is more convenient than shopping from brick-and-mortar stores because you save on time. 

Going shopping has become hectic because of long queues and congestion.

The service sometimes is slow.

Anyway, the long queues and locating items is a process that consumes a lot of time.

Buyers who prefer online shopping somehow dodge all that, and end up saving a lot of time.

Safe and healthy

Online shopping involves less human interactions. We are trying to practice social distancing everywhere with these current times or coronavirus!

Back to school, holidays and end month are times when stores are most congested.

You can avoid such times and try online shopping. Nowadays, everything is available online. You do not need cash to pay for online shopping. Instead, buyers can clear their shopping dues via debit, credit cards or mobile money.

Cash has been considered one of the major carriers of the COVID-19 virus. Now is a great time to avoid cash transactions and shop online.

Enjoy 24/7 shopping

The convenience that comes with making online purchases is underrated. 

The internet does not sleep.

Your regular store might have closed 6 hours ago, but online shopping is available 24/7.

With shopping online, buyers can make purchases at any time of the day, plus you don’t experience the burden of carrying heavy bags.

Wide range of choices

Everyone has their favourite stores and know where to get what they need. In case the product is not available, you have to look for another store or wait for days for new stock.

Luckily, with online shopping, buyers search for what they like from different stores by just a click.                                            

Save costs                                             

Buying online will save you the trouble of fuel costs. You will also save on parking fees.

With online shopping, it is easier to find out which store has discounts, available products and prices. (Home’s budget-how to manage it successfully).

Perpetual online shoppers know which sites offer discounts for specific products.

Online vendors offer discount coupons, giveaways and promos that only their buyers can enjoy and save costs. 

Product research capabilities

Online shopping usually occurs via the internet where there is information about anything. Online shoppers have the opportunity to browse for products that meet their satisfaction. Search engines like Google make this possible and fast.

Merchant websites tend to include all the vital information regarding the product.

This makes it easier for buyers to select what they want, therefore making desirable purchases.

Wide range of products

Lots of stores, manufactures and retailers have assembled their products online. Therefore, buying items online allows buyers to choose from a wide array of products.

When buyers search for a product online, results bring a variety of products from different manufacturers.

A wide range of products allows buyers to make choices best on their interests hence consumer satisfaction.           

Buying or shopping online means making purchases of the things you want without physically visiting the stores, and having them delivered at your doorstep.

With the above advantages, there are lots of reasons why some people still prefer not to buy items online. This is because the internet fosters fraud, therefore, online buyers have to be extremely vigilant while shopping.

Buyers should try to avoid anonymous sellers by selecting well-known platforms like Amazon, Jumia, Alibaba etc. Buyers need to be conscious while shopping online.

Online shopping is also a challenge to others who find the use of the internet cumbersome.

This lot prefers strolling down to stores where they will buy what they see and not get cheated. 

Online shopping still has a lot of improvements to develop so that buyers can fully get involved.


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