Of all common social media platforms, I find Twitter as the most tricky of them all. Twitter is fun and games but for the new user with a few non-engaging followers. Most peers who opened twitter accounts admitted to not using them until at a later stage when they were convinced of the fun it holds. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Twitter is not easy to adopt, and that means it is underused. Today, I’ll take you through ways of making money from this ambiguous social media app, Twitter.

There are several ways you can make money from Twitter apart from the usual:

Being a social media influencer

Influential marketing is done when brands and companies hire a couple of individuals who have proven to have an abnormally large following. Influencers are usually known to have gained the trust of their followers and have the ability to command an audience through their wide reach.

Brands and companies have been known to commonly embrace this 21st-century marketing style.

Influencers have been known to get up to Kshs 10,000 and more from their job. Twitter is one social media site common for brand influencing. To be an influencer, one has to gain a lot of followers and be very entertaining in how one engages with one’s followers.

The hashtag #KOTLoyals has helped many Twitter users gain followers.

Simple ways to earn money from Twitter

Selling your products

Have you seen how the hashtags #AjiraKe and #IkoKaziKe are joining retailers to their customers all over the country on Twitter? Remarkable!

Having a business only feels good when you are prospering with new customers every day. With a post explaining your business, a picture showcasing your products and your contact attached, you will be able to make big sales with one click. Twitter allows business growth through its advertisement features that let users make a few payments for advertising their products.

Being a social media manager

Twitter is one of the most used social media websites; brands have prioritized having twitter accounts alongside other apps. For you to be a social media manager, you have to be diverse in your social media use and bare the ability to embrace the use of Twitter.

Brands and companies are hiring qualified employees to run their social media accounts, twitter inclusive. This is a profession that is here to stay as long as social media and the internet are still a thing.

Other unique ways to gain cash from tweeting.

Embrace sponsored tweets

It takes a few bucks to build the gain is massive.

Sponsored tweets are pushed to reach a very large audience. This is a way for you to expand your market as interested users will come across your tweet, click to the link and view your products. With a good following, a brand might need your services in making sponsored tweets.

Join sponsored tweets and be able to promote different brands that will pay you.

PaidPerTweet works like sponsored tweets, and yes, you can engage with both of them to maximize your revenue out of twitter.


This is a method of gathering ideas from users on Twitter and putting to use the information obtained to run a project. 

You can create a poll on Twitter and let your followers vote. Crowdsourcing can be done for brands, especially if you hold a very long line of followers behind you.

To do crowdsourcing successfully, you need to do a lot of research on the subject you are planning on so that you do not collect irrelevant data for your poll.

Tweet other links to your work

You could be engaged in other businesses and making money elsewhere other than twitter. Tweet the links to your business to capture your twitter audience and increase your sales. For example, your blog or vlog could use a tweet to get more views and earn you money.

Get new leads to your customers

Due to numerous trending hashtags, you can easily identify and connect with customers interested in your products and services. Twitter’s search button works like a pro search engine and can give you feedback on exactly what you are looking for. Searching for a common term in your business will give you leads to people interested and dealing with your kind of products.

This is a way of connecting with your business competitors of all levels.

Affiliate marketing.

This is done when a popular influencer shares a link for a product purchase. Each purchase through your link tweet will gain you commission or cash. 

Affiliate marketing does not require a huge following at the start of it, so even new twitter users are encouraged. 

Clothing lines and brands are common users of affiliate marketing. From popular online shopping platforms like Jumia and Amazon, you can get yourself affiliate marketing deals. Go ahead and push your affiliate marketing to other media aside Twitter to push your sales.

Simple ways to earn money from Twitter

The above methods are a few of the many ways to gain money from your use on Twitter. A ‘tweep’ has to follow certain criteria to have an outstanding twitter profile that can make him money;

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