[Update: 11.04.2022]

Quick loans have become a fairly convenient way for people to get their hands on some loans – without having to deal with the never-ending paperwork of banks.

Plus, considering that banks in Kenya usually have a day program, it might be rather troublesome if you find yourself in need of a loan at 2 AM.

Still, there is the issue that many of these apps ask for a registration fee – which you aren’t always all that eager to pay. So where can we find such loan apps without registration fee for our convenience? Where do we go if we need a “no strings attached” app – aside from the payment? Well, here are some popular options.

1. Saida

Saida is a fairly popular option when it comes to giving out loans, mainly because the registration is very smooth. There is no fee that you have to concern yourself with – and your loan is generally processed in about 10 minutes.

Simply put, Saida takes a look at how you use your phone to make a call or send a text, as well as how you use money services such as M-Pesa to determine how much you can actually borrow. However, the minimum loan limit is KSh 600 – and the interest rate is 10% of that sum. The maximum amount that you can borrow is KSh 25,000.

2. M-Shawri

M-Shawri is one of the top loan apps in Kenya without registration fee – and we can see why that one is pretty popular. Practically, it is one of the easiest services to go for, since the entry barrier is relatively low. All you need is the Safaricom SIM registered to the M-Pesa platform.

From this loan, you may borrow a minimum amount of KSh 100 – and the maximum limit is unknown. So far, no one came across a circumstance where they were denied a particular sum. However, this may be because they have to return the money in about 30 days – which means that the amount of money borrowed is relatively small.

3. Zenka

If you find yourself into a situation where the electricity bill is due, but you have no money to pay it, then you might want to go to Zenka. It takes about 5 minutes to register – and you can even use it on a computer if you do not have a phone.

This mobile loan app in Kenya has a fairly flexible lending policy. You can borrow as little as KSh 500 and as much as KSh 20,000. It is up to you to decide how much you want to borrow – but bear in mind that since it’s a payday loan, you will have to pay it back within one month.

No Registration Fee

4. Tala

Originally known as Mkopo Rahisi, Tala comes with a few interest fees – but no actual registration fee. If the app turns out to not be suitable for your preferences, you may literally “abort the mission,” and go for another app that seems more convenient.

The advantage of Tala is that you may take the loan out in as little as 5 minutes, with no hidden fees out there. Plus, by repaying the loans on time, you may easily build up your credit and portray yourself as a reliable borrower whenever you are planning to take out a bigger loan in Kenya.

5. Utunzi

Utunzi is also fairly popular among borrowers, mainly because it allows you to borrow money effortlessly – with no registration fees and low interest rate. Therefore, if you are struggling with your finances, this cheap balance mobile loan app is a relatively convenient option for those looking for some quick cash.

With this loan app, you can borrow any amount from KSh 500 to KSh 100,000 – depending on your finances. Bear in mind that your loan credibility will also be tested – which is why you will have to fill in a questionnaire before borrowing. However, the process is very smooth and should not take a long time to go through.

A mobile loan app in Kenya is likely one of the quickest ways to get some cash in an emergency – but make sure that the sum you borrow is realistic.