Again weekend left you with empty pockets?

If your wallet is notoriously empty on Monday morning, it’s time to make a change about this vicious circle of frivolous weekend overspending. With a small dose of creativity and effort, you can regain control over your finance without becoming a total couch potato

All it takes is a little bit of strategy and planning to keep your budget on track. Saving money on weekends does not involve only watching TV. Your social life doesn’t have to suffer that much when you decide to cut corners on spontaneous consumption to regain control over your finances.

Look for cheaper alternatives to regain control over your finance

We all know that habit is second nature. However, usually, you don’t need to turn things upside down to save a little fortune. Looking for some cheaper alternatives is a good idea to start with.

For instance, if you love spending time out with your friends, swap your favorite bar for a place with a happy-hour special offer. Similarly, you can swap expensive cocktails for beers to prevent savings from falling between your fingers.

Finally, consider hanging out with your friends at home. Cooking and drinking together, playing games or watching movies at home is equally good as spending time at a bar table. Although it might not be an option for everyone, a potluck with self-made cocktails can do wonders for your (and your friends’) bottom line.

Make lifestyle changes

Weekends are good to start with. For instance, keep out of the coffee shops. Buying a coffee in a paper cup seems convenient, but it can really wreck havoc on your monthly budget. Instead of purchasing your weekend coffee on the run, you can get yourself a travel coffee mug and make your own takeaway drink at home. In this respect, you can settle through a new daily routine for the entire week.

Similarly, use public transport wherever possible. If you are in the city with a decent public communication, you can use it instead of Uber or taxi. Calling a cab, especially late in the evening or in the night, can be very tempting.

Try not to use late hours as an excuse. Instead, think in advance and stick to your plan. Using metro can be a true blessing for your wallet. Soon you will see how this small change saves you a fortune and you regain control over your finance.


Weekend money management tips

Tell your friends

Unfortunately, sometimes our friends make it hard for us to be literate about money.  The fact is that when we surround ourselves with high-spending folks, the chances are that we would make the same money mistakes over and over again. Tell your friends that you’re trying to save money, and they will (hopefully) help you stay on track.

Look for trustworthy providers

In pursuit of instant gratification, we want to live here and now, leaving worries about the future behind. The consequences of bad financial decisions can be really painful. If you happen to run out of money, always turn to trustworthy and transparent online loan providers.

Zenka, one of the best mobile loan apps in Kenya, not only gives you a chance to get your personal loan when you run out of money but also – to top up your existing loan and postpone your due date if needed. Just like other mobile loan apps like Branch and Tala, Zenka offers you a transparent and flexible financial tool, which will back you up in times you really need it.

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