Is masculine costly than feminine?

This statement is quite appalling because I came up with it impromptu and later found out the reverse is true. Coming from a woman, you must agree that I was nutty to suggest that males spend more than we in terms of daily gender purchases. I didn’t even try because this is not close to possible with the term “pink tax“.

Why did I even think this way in the first place because men don’t need monthly menstrual gear? Hello…

You are only prone to this if you identify as a woman. Surprisingly, most of us do not know about this doom. Our ignorance has allowed us to dance our bodies to ballads like 7 Rings by Ariana Grande and claim that our receipts look like phone numbers.

SMH! Yet we are being overpriced for our existence.

A study by PRB (Population Reference Bureau) concluded that women live longer than men in most societies. Guess what! Your life span dictates that you live longer, so you have to spend more and save more for retirement. It is also not new to us that there is a considerable gender gap in earnings and wages affecting the financial status of women even more.

Women will earn less than men because they are women, and now women spend more than men because they are women.

Services affected by the pink tax.

Dry cleaning service.

Men are regular visitors to laundry outlets whilst women do most of their laundry at home. However, there is that particular kind of gown and fabric we don’t want to ruin under our care. This when we are doomed to face overcharges for seeking laundry services.

Car bonds

We are getting cheated everywhere. Sermon the god of feminism right about now. Cars are already expensive because they are overtaxed and still more expensive for women.

Why are we paying the pink tax?

A study “From cradle to the cane: the cost of being a female consumer” conducted on overpricing of women’s products by New York city of the department of consumer affairs indicated that for clothes and garments, women suffered the consequences because their garments required more material than men did.

Our genetically curvy bodies will, therefore, require more material in comparison to men’s flat and straight attires. They further wrote that the materials used are different, and the process of textile construction between men and women’s garments is different.

Still, according to the study mentioned above, it is indicated that usually, men’s shampoos and conditioners are sold as a two in one, but separate for women.

Due to that a woman will go ahead and purchase two containers, one for shampoo and the other for conditioner respectively, all which can surprisingly be found as a 2-in-1 for the gents indicated as “for men”.

Stop paying the pink tax!

It is now even more critical than ever to come together as women, united and closer than before to fight against the monster; price discrimination concerning gender. Therefore, some of the things we must do:

  • Publicly shame those we find encouraging this absurd kind of inequality. Thanks to social media, a picture or video with an emotional caption will bring a whole lot of necessary attention from every activist discouraging this mess. The company responsible is somewhat left with no choice but to revise its prices. They will be forced to listen to their customers’ voices. “Consumers have a big role in holding companies accountable.” —Georgina Gooley, co-founder of Billie
  • It doesn’t hurt to use male versions of some products like t-shirts, perfumes, toothbrushes, you name it. We are all human, after all.
  • Go the extra mile and save. Identify products that are charged alongside the dreading pink tax. What stores are these encouraging gender inequality? Tiresome as it may sound, it’s nothing terrible. You just need some getting used to.
  • Let a man make the purchase. Take a friend along for shopping that extra billed item and let this friend be the one to make the purchases. You only have to make sure he is male, he has possibly bought that product before or even is acquainted with that store and its prices.
  • Bargain on most prices (at least if it is necessary). It doesn’t hurt to negotiate and get to a common understanding with your retailer. The power of this is that the retailer might imagine you know the real cost of the item selling it to you at the right price range
  • Boycott all companies elevating the pink tax. Choose wisely! Once beaten, twice shy.
  • Research. Research. Research. It is essential, especially for any big purchases in terms of assets and investments that you go a little overboard and collect all the necessary and needed information. This way you won’t get cheated the female way. Plus, you’ll tell if you are making the right decision to make this purchase other than seeming clueless.
  • Get acquainted with brands and retailers that care for our existence by charging female products fairly.
  • Awareness! If you know that pink tax exists, you definitely will try all you can to stop it.

You need to be a smart shopper and have an eye for price comparison or else the pink tax will take you down financially.

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