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Do you want to know what Kashy is and how it works? Have you never seen such a service? Here you will find the answer to your questions.

What is Kashy?

Kashy is the first comparison engine of lending companies and products offered by them in Kenya. On Kashy website you can check which loan is the cheapest and also quickly check what additional benefits offer loan companies. Using the loan comparer is free.

What type of loans do you compare?

We mainly compare short-term loans provided by mobile applications. We are also working on launching a comparison of installment loans.

Why did you pick these particular companies for the comparison?

At the beginning, we focused on the most popular loan companies on the Kenyan market. These companies provide accurate information on the cost of the loan. We will be adding new loan companies successively as soon as we verify the costs of loans for various loan amounts and the repayment date.

Can I get a loan using this website?

Kashy does not offer loans. Kashy presents the offers of lending companies. You can use the link to a specific company (or its application) if you are interested in their offer.

How fast can I get a loan?

The speed of granting the loan depends on the loan company in which you apply for a loan

Am I eligible to get a loan in the company I choose?

Information on whether you’ll receive a loan depends on the decision of the lending company you’ve chosen. Kashy has no influence on granting you a loan.

Why can’t I find any other offers in this comparison?

Offers presented by the Kashy comparison engine are displayed if they meet the conditions selected by the user (loan amount and loan term). If you have chosen the loan amount or the repayment period for which the lender’s offer does not exist – the selected lender does not appear in the comparison website. The lender must be also introduced by us to the comparator so that his offer is presented in Kashy.