What is happening?

It’s been a year going two years since the covid pandemic brought the world economy to its knees. And it’s still here! So now the economy has to survive meaning things are resuming back to sub normalcy. Are you ready to get back into the workforce?

In particular, Kenya has okayed key sectors to resume operations as long they adhere to the health and safety measures. If you lost your job, you are probably thinking about how to bounce back. While the job market is gradually readjusting, it’s fair to prepare for a multitude of scenarios. But as you plan to intensify your job search, these are some things you need to know to help through the employment process.

Availability of companies hiring

Before covid hiring was a whole mood. And then covid came and made it a whole situation. Don’t despair. If you still have the willpower, someone is out there looking for your expertise.

As the economy reopens, most companies are looking to fill vacant positions. The hiring process though strict, are modified as the pandemic has changed the whole business game. Remember these positions get filled quickly.

There are so many job websites out there and you might be tempted to just click and apply as many as you can. Remember quality over quantity. Check for closing dates, and visit the website to confirm if the job is still available. Alter and custom your resume and try your luck. Keep an eye out for companies that focus on innovation and health-related industries.

What are the recruitment processes and requirements?

In light of Covid, employers have had to strategize on how they go about the hiring process.

Zoom, Google meet, sending videos and filling in forms is the new normal.

While recruitment operations are changing with the times, technical skills and talent acquisition is crucial. Hiring strategies are changing and recruiters are looking for multifaceted persons.

Therefore start by assessing and match your skills to the position requirements. Be prepared for practical assessment tests to ascertain you as a possible hire.

Working internet connection and audio gadgets. As earlier stated, Covid has steered recruiters towards digital engagement that is virtual hires. Thus the need to be connected to the grid. Also, ensure you have enough KPLC tokens and there are no frequent outages. ( Visit the KPLC Socials a day before your interview to check for outages and maintenance updates.)

Already employed? Watch out for internal hires and stay updated with online courses geared towards a specific skill set to match where you want to be in the next 5 years.

Utilise Networking

Networking can give you a leg up in the job market. During these times reach out and connect with friends and acquaintances you met along the way. Here is the T’ because hiring has moved to the virtual side, acquaintances and networks have high priority as work ethic and trust is already established.

Update your LinkedIn, connect and share with like-minded folk and company websites you are interested to work with.

How do you create networks? Remember every person you meet is an opportunity to access another door. Sell your brand and what you can do when you meet potential people who are where in life you wish to be. Keep it simple and chill else they will avoid you like the plague.

 Lost your job? Reach out to your former employer and remind them that you are still alive and open to getting your old job or willing to take up a new role if the opportunity arise

Growth of innovation and Startups.

Startups have been looming pre covid and sprouted exponentially in the wake of Covid-19. For instance, apps have benefited most out of the pandemic including giants like Safaricom.

Not only just apps but also businesses have increased sales by offering delivery services to keep up with almost every need that can be fulfilled digitally without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Technology has had to rise up to the current aspirations. So if you are looking for a job, start canvassing startups that are innovative and futuristic. Like Coding companies, software development, renewable energies, fintech and digitized healthcare facilities.


If this pandemic has taught us anything is life can happen just like that. In as much as employment is enticing and a sure source of income, try as much to cushion yourself. Jobs came to a sudden end and lives were disrupted. If this was you and are still searching for work, try your hands at something you are good at. You never know! You might learn a skill that comes in handy or gives you leverage on a job opportunity.

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