Kenya is one of the largest countries along the equator, situated in the Eastern part of Africa.

A stable country, better known for producing the World’s fastest Marathon runners for very many years. It is located along the coastline that was visited by Arabs in the 19th century who influenced the come up of its national language, Swahili.

Kenya attained its independence from British rule on 12th, December 1963. It is a country worth visiting with notable and entertaining history, mouth-watering cuisines and very hospitable people. The amazing diverse scenery has attracted many film stakeholders.

Here’s my top ten must go to places in Kenya.

10. Nairobi

Nairobi is one of East and Central Africa’s busiest towns, a booming innovative business centre with a fun atmosphere.

You can never go wrong with this town as it offers the feel of New York and Vegas spiced with safari vibes. You have visited the wrong Nairobi if you haven’t interacted with wild game.

Just adjacent to Nairobi national park – “the world’s only wildlife capital” is the giraffe centre in Langata.

This is a space that allows you to woo, feed and kiss these tall humble giants. You can have a similar experience at the Giraffe Manor hotel which is a few kilometres away with Rothschild’s giraffe species as residents.

On a busy schedule while visiting, you can opt for sundowners at Ole Sereni Hotel: sip down your best drink as you enjoy a mesmerizing view of Nairobi’s game.

Navigate around the city with the unique characterized hyped matatus of Nairobi and get to know the city.

Do not leave minus taking a tour up the 26 stories Kenyatta International Convention Center to glance at the city’s aerial view.

Your tour will leave you broke after approaching the Masai Market – a cultural mall dedicated to the sale of African handmade ornaments with a touch of Masai culture.

9. Nakuru

Nakuru town is an urban city, 167 kilometers away from Nairobi.

It lies along the Eastern Rift Valley characterizing it with a distinguished and nourishing cool climate. Along this town lies a lake, Nakuru with a depth of about 2 meters.

It is from afar, pink in color because of its long-known role as a bird sanctuary to the flamingos.

Nakuru’s temperate climate has allowed for the bloom of its “beautiful wildlife haven” – Lake Nakuru National Park that is distinguished with a variety of game and bird species.

Just when you are about to think we are done, the Menengai crater, the world’s only surviving crater lake in the world. It has strong cultural values attached to it by the clans who share with it home.

Enjoy camping and hiking up this feature and enjoy the unbeatable scenery of central Kenya.

8. Mombasa

It takes about an 8-hour drive through, from Kenya’s capital Nairobi to Mombasa. With the introduction of the Standard Gauge Railway, it will take you half the time.

Mombasa is Kenya’s coastal Metropole handling major imports and exports of other east African countries alongside Kenya’s. What then has it got to offer?

Indulge your adrenaline by scuba diving along the Indian ocean.

There’s a wide range of attenuated sea fish species to view alongside the mysteries of the deep Indian ocean, forgetting not the exploration of the Funguo wreck that took place in 2002.

Mombasa has a rich Afro-Indo-Arabian culture that greatly influences its wide range of must-try cuisines. Its rich historical background has left it with ruins turned to precious sites like the famous Fort Jesus built by the Portuguese explorers.

The spice Market at Mombasa is one to wander about, warming your lungs with a variety of Masalas scents.

There are only two surviving species of Northern white rhinos, and they solely exist on this sanctuary.

Imagine how lucky it is to be the last man standing, but how unlucky it is to be the last one of your kind. These fellas are treated with the utmost care due to the delicate situation they uphold.

While it lasts, this is a sight to devour with many other animals like the big chimpanzee and a whole wide range of rhino species.

6. The Masai Mara

This is one of Kenya’s eye-catching sites surrounded by magnificent hotels and bandas to accommodate the large year over year visitors. The Mara is attached to the Serengeti of Tanzania. The best part about it is it is the home of the world’s Wildebeest migration wonder.

The animals migrate from Serengeti inexplicable huge numbers all through the Mara river where hungry crocodiles, lions, and other carnivorous animals await them.

It is the fate of the banished as the running animals either make it to the other end or die trying.

This captivating experience usually happens between July and October.

5. Tsavo National park

This is the largest of all game parks in Kenya with two wings: the east and west which are gradually separated by the Nairobi-Mombasa highway.

Tsavo must be a name that rings bells in coordination with our historical studies. The home of the “man-eaters”. It boasts of a wide range of bad species and carries the ‘big’ game. A range of elephants is a resident of Tsavo alongside leopards and many other mammals.

The Galana River flows swiftly along Tsavo, carrying humongous brutal crocodiles along with its embrace.

The sights of this park are to live for as it is much a plain of land with a sudden raised long plateaus running across its savanna.

4.Watamu beach

Watamu is a small village town next to Malindi that unleashes elite beach experiences. Talk of Miami but this is a warmer version. The locals are warm, funny and welcoming, giving you a more feel-at-home experience.

Enjoy an explicit scenery at the bay of Watamu.

There’s a lot of beach sports and games to ride on as you explore the coral headlands. Indulge with locals, eat an unforgettable cuisine and spoil yourself with beach attires sold all over.

3. Wasini island

The ideal getaway for a day. It is fun to go riding on the deep calm salty waters. For a first time experience, I’ll say it’s tricky.

The water experience aside, you will land on a small island with sparkling sand and clear blue waters.

The best thing ever is you’ll be swimming with dolphins and all the colours of beautiful fish families. Take note that the waters keep rising and the island sinking. Although it is a gradual process when the waters come up, it’s about a late afternoon, and you ride back for a delicious completely seafood balanced lunch.

2. Lamu island

Resting on the Indian ocean is an ancient historic town, Lamu with old building ruins of the Swahili and Arab architecture. It is a calm raw island and a good vacation spot for you.

1. Samburu Game Reserve

Samburu game reserve lies along the Ewaso Ng’iro river across which lies the Buffalo Springs game reserve. Enjoy a game drive on the rough terrain of Samburu hills with a glance of local game warden dressed in Samburu cultural attire.

There is a vast number of mammals here with elephants leading. Bird watching is also ideal for it harbours a wide range of bird species.

As you can see, our country is breathtaking and definitely worth seeing. I believe you’ll find destinations that will suit your needs;)


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