The millennial market is understood to be the beginning and end of all tapping into the youth as a consumer market. This generation Z boasts of determining the quality and consumption affinity of almost any mass-market product.

How do you market to millennials to improve your sales? What avenues can you use to your advantage and how do you capitalize on the Gen Z market?

First, think Digital. As natives of digital marketing, Gen z are very good at separating the wheat from the chaff in regards to digital marketing content. As they are highly digital and techy, this is the best entry point to tap into. Recommend anything to them and 100% of the time millennials will check your online presence and verify your digital footprint. That is, the good, the bad and especially the ugly.

Whatever your product is, its mark should at least target the age of 19-36. Even if it’s selling retirement or old people stuff, Gen z should be at the back of your mind. Why? Golden age parents will by default trust and seek product reviews from their children.

This is ultimately the age group of the millennial market today that play a vital role in sustaining your presence in the market.

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Free Sampling.

If you google free sampling in marketing, you will eventually see how its importance in improving brand awareness.81% of marketing depends on this strategy. Even drug dealers, swear by this principle. By giving out free samples, the probability of consumers purchasing and considering your brand is 40%. On the same note, 70% of consumers agree that free sampling attracts them to either purchase or try a product.

Marketing strategies are plenty and reward programs on referrals, vouchers will definitely attract 50% of consumers through the front door. 

 Millennials want rewards that are meaningful and exciting to them…This includes financial incentives.

As the market gets flooded with competitors in the same industry, motivating millennials through such reward programs and voucher incentives guarantees you 1st place in the mind of the buyer.  Carrefour is a great case study here on its entry into the Kenyan market. Not only did they gain rapid popularity, but paved the way for other supermarket retailers to adopt such marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing. Undoubtedly, social media marketing has become the hashtag for digital marketing. Generally true, these platforms are where millennials spend 70 % of their time and are also where a lot of influencers ply their trade. With that said, capitalizing on this strategy to tap into the millennial market is a must for all. However, how you do it has to be visual interactive content.

Reasons Why Social Media Is Essential For Your Small Business

Last but not least, millennials are deeply attracted to brands that add value. They will mostly lean towards products that improve and bring meaning to their lives. Caters to their pursuits of life such as health and wellness, finance, e.t.c.

Tools to help You better tap into the millennial market

The younger generation is clever, self-entitled, enlightened and quick to call out negative experiences through reviews. Subsequently, they drag you out on social media and when that ball gets rolling,… To counteract your brand from this, one has to adapt tools to better tap into the millennial market.

Bearing in mind the unprecedented levels of media consumption and ever-expanding digital space, try these approaches:-

  • Interactive visual content.
  • Offer rewards, vouchers, incentives.
  • Capitalize on loyalty rewards.
  • Showcase brand social purpose in light of offering solutions and fixing a gap problem.
  • Value addition.
  • SEO content.

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