Ideas are pretty much the same in the market.

When you come up with an idea, understand that you are not a genius and there is someone else who has probably thought about your idea.

That means that if you execute this idea of yours, you are going to have competition. And in the jungle of ideas, only the strongest BRAND will survive because ideas are pretty much the same.

Let me say that even if your idea is unique, it will soon be emulated by other like-minded people.

And therefore, what good companies always seek to create is a strong brand.

It is the brand that survives in the market, not the idea. A smart person once said, it “is the execution that matters not the idea”.

The Kenyan market is pretty competitive, and we have a few brands that have managed to outcompete the rest and carved a name for themselves.

They are the top brands that come to your mind when you want a service.

These are the big fish in the +254:

KCB Bank

I do n’t know what is about KCB, but of all the banks in the country, they have the best advertisements, programs and I guess even management.

KCB’s branding is simply just strong.

Their products are well marketed; I know this by looking at their colours and commercials.

I am not only talking about commercials, but even their processes are better, they are good in process re-engineering.

Customers used to queue in banks for money back in the days, but KCB is the first bank to introduce a queue management system.

Instead of people standing in line waiting for service, we would simply pick a machine-generated number and wait in a seat.

It is with such initiatives that they have grown to be giants in the banking industry.

There are other international brands around, but KCB is so Kenyan in their banking style.

They are attuned to the needs of the Kenyan citizens.

What are some of the initiatives that KCB have executed successfully?

I like Lions Dens for supporting young entrepreneurs. It is an interesting program to watch.


It is a tech giant launched back in ’97. It started as part of Telkom, but I can’t compare the two at the moment in terms of value.

They have surpassed Telkom by far since they went on their own. What has made them strong in the market is its good innovations and outstanding products.

Their products might be costly, but they work well. They started with Okoa Jahazi, and now they are in Fuliza. All those products work the same way even if they are 10 years apart.

With Okoa Jahazi, if you want to make a call and you lack enough credit, you can easily borrow and make that call.

And so does Fuliza work the same way, if you want to make a payment through Mpesa and you lack enough funds, Fuliza can top up for you. 

They have so many products, but I will mention Fuliza for now because it is the latest to be very successful. It is said that Kenyans Fuliza sh 6.2 billion in a month.

That is a very huge figure. And it shows how they are attuned to their customers’ needs.

They must have noticed that we don’t have enough money to pay bills.

Capital FM

They are not the biggest radio station in the country, but they have a very good niche.

They managed to capture the urban youth with very good shows and programs. Capital has a unique clientele, and they have managed to maintain that over the years.

It is a station for the upper-middle-class Nairobians who purchase expensive products.

I can say KISS Fm is on that level too, but I like how Capital puts it. They are more natural with urban swag.

Apart from being a great urban station, they run the social media platforms; all the big social media personalities in the country works for Capital FM.

Naivas Supermarket

The most famous shopping spot for Kenyans. As I was writing this, I wanted to say Tuskys, but my office deskmates were like “”not really, Naivas has better customer care and lower prices””. I like Tuskys scones, but Naivas has a kick-ass bakery. 

They usually have a lot of offers on their products during holidays like Christmas season so you can check them out.  

They know how to entice us with great deals.

KTN News

I wanted to say Citizen, but again the talent in Citizen and most of those other stations was moulded in Ktn.

They were headhunted from KTN, so I went with the godfather.

KTN has good news for those who follow the news. They know how to look for fresh news.

Jambo Jet

They introduced cheap local flights to the Kenyan market.

Since Jambo Jet, we have had smaller airlines come up to offer average Kenyans with cheap flights around the country.

Flights used to be for the wealthy Kenyans, but they gave alternatives.

I like others like Silverstone too, but Jambo Jet has offered. You can win trips, free tickets etc. Just check their Facebook page for more.

Easy Coach

Since we are finishing with transport, let me point out that this bus service has been consistent in providing the best road transport to Kenyans for very many years.

They offer comfort and safety to their customers, and their prices don’t change with the seasons.

It is December, and I am sure other companies will be hiking their fares as guys travel to the village for a holiday.

But if you will opt for Easy coach, the price will be the same.

All these are Kenyan made and raised brands. They are local. I could have mentioned other foreign brands that do well in Kenya, but that is for another day. You may find a little tast of it here😉

For now, I am just celebrating our own Kenyan brands that we are proud of.

It is the pricing, right marketing strategies and friendly customer service that has made these brands big in our market.

Feel free to check them out.

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