To read or not to read? Whether you prefer the traditional flipping through a literal book or are into the e-book lifestyle reading, they all bow down to the same principle. Reading is a fundamental period.

First, before picking up any book, which area are you interested in learning about? Surprisingly most readers don’t horn this aspect down, except quickly pick up what’s trending or get excited by the book title.

As a business owner and entrepreneur, here are some must-read books to improve your sales and manage your business better. These books have zeroed in on every aspect of a business. That is; how to focus on either strategy, marketing, management, finance, human resource and operations

22 immutable laws of marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout. This book uses some of the greatest success stories and not so very successful ones to showcase marketing strategies that work. In this book, Al and Jack insist that marketing laws are just like the laws of physics. If applied correctly, these laws can make your business a winning brand. In these 22 laws, there are rules for understanding and succeeding in a competitive marketplace.

This is marketing by Seth Gordin also gives a great perspective on how marketing displays itself in the most mundane of things. It provides an in-depth understanding of how our decisions are inspired by subtle everyday marketing. This is marketing outlines commandments such as having a great slogan, standing out of the crowd and how to prioritise the value of a product.

Master key system. By Charles Haanel. As more of a practical book, the master key system requires time because of its educational direction. Tesla mastered it, and now the name itself implies wealth. Not only that but the master key system is a must-read from top-level CEO to the just employed millennial.

High output management by the former CEO of intel. That little blue sticker on your laptop, yes that guy. Andrew grove, through this book, highlights the skill of creating and maintaining new businesses. If you are a startup founder, you will most definitely benefit from this book. Essentially, it covers techniques for creating highly effective teams and leading you to peak performance. High output management is a practical handbook for business management.

Rich dad poor dad. Classic cliche but very effective, straightforward and easy to understand. This book gives tips that can even apply to kids and money management. Tring to learn how to save? Want to manage your money effectively and lastly want to know how to become rich? Read Robert Kiyosaki’s take on financial management.

Influence the psychology of persuasion by Robert.B. Cialdini. PHD. Be dazzled by how you can apply the principle of influence and your customers to say yes to you. Familiarise yourself with principles such as conversion theories, amplification hypotheses that, if carefully constructed, can boost employee morale. To add these principles can also be applied by sales to learn how to increase their sales. 

The broke millennial/Best for millennials at the same time the title speaks for itself. Erin lowry has taken it upon herself to tackle the challenge that most millennials are struggling with today. 2021 is one of those years where no matter how hard you work, the money goes out faster than getting it. This self-help book enables the youth to transition through major financial life transitions. Topics touched on include, budgeting strategies, spending habits, saving strategies and so forth.

The Psychology of money. Countless articles and books have been written on people and money. Morgan Housel has incorporated all those into this book. It tackles, wealth, money, investing finance and business decisions. Generally, the psychology of money looks at how you behave and how people act from their experiences when it comes to money.

These 8 books should keep you busy first least 2 years. That and they will equip you with insights, strategy and ideas to implement in your business whichever field. From people management, money management, growing your business and boosting your sales. 

Go here to download these e-books for free or visit project Gutenberg for outdated copyright books or Google e-books.

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