Home is an entirely different setup from the office

Offices have the environment, backed by the necessary equipment for working.

Therefore, transitioning from an office environment to working from home is a challenge to most who work from offices. 

Since the coronavirus outbreak, most organisations were forced to abruptly start working from home.

It is likely that reading this, you are among those advised to work from home. By now, you must have encountered a few challenges like lagging, electricity blackouts, inefficient internet etc.

How do you overcome these challenges of working from home?

Read these tips to help you cope with work-from-home as you follow all the safety guidelines against coronavirus.

Determine a workspace

You need to select a strategic room with minimal distractions for your daily work at home. 

This should be comfortable and allow you to work without straining your body.
A designated workspace tunes the mind to focus.

It is advisable to create more than one workspaces, in case your body is exhausted from one, you can always switch.

Alternative workspaces help with your posture while eliminating monotony.

Create a to-do list

Have a to-do list of your daily activities as expected. Your list should contain productive activities that will make you achieve your goals at the end of the day. 

Allocate time frames for the activities to be accomplished.

Your to-do list should include commercial breaks in between to allow you to rest occasionally.

Constant work without rest might trigger a burn out even though it seems impossible because you are home.

To improve effectiveness, create the day’s to-do list on the night before so that you do not waste morning time on putting together what to do.

Design a morning routine

Make it a point to accomplish personal chores like making the bed, eating breakfast, dressing up etc. as you would on a typical workday.

This will give you ample time for yourself and your family whilst setting you up in a working mood.

Once you have a morning routine, it is essential to stick to it and make it a habit.

Are you a morning or evening person?

Working from home requires a lot of dedication. Employees need to know when they are most productive on a scale of 24. Some people prefer to rise early and do most of the work while others prefer to stay up late and accomplish their assignments.

Whichever works for you, stick to it to prevent yourself from procrastinating during the day. 

Quality work is more appreciated than quantity.

Once you figure out your most productive hours, adjust your calendar to make sure that your assignments are submitted on time.

Acknowledge distractions

There is a reason why even jobs that can be done from home have offices to host their employees-distractions! Distractions are inevitable while working from home.

Kids have closed school and could engage in activities that require your attention. Not forgetting, you’re not limited from accessing your social media, television, personal phone calls etc. 

Although we can try to stop some distractions, others are unavoidable.

We should embrace distractions at the same time and not let ourselves get caught up in them. This is why in-between breaks are very vital hence recommended for working at home. 

Keep in touch: Communicate

Social distancing is perfect for halting the dangers of contracting further spreading coronavirus. However, it makes everyone lonely and staying in touch will help combat loneliness.

During this time, you are practically away from your colleagues but need to maintain efficient communication amongst yourselves. 

Continue keeping up with the weekly meetings through technology and social media platforms through video conferencing tools like zoom, skype etc. Address arising challenges earlier so that a quick solution is thought through.

While working from home, check on your colleagues to see if they are coping or experiencing any challenges.

Keeping in touch with one another rekindles the teamwork spirit that would otherwise be lost due to social distancing during the quarantine.

Get some exercise

Refreshen by getting out and taking some air at least once a day. Remember that for most of us, quarantine has distorted the order of the way we do things.

Some are used to walking daily to and from work, while others are used to staying out for lunch daily while at work. Self-isolation during COVID-19 will not allow us this opportunity. 

To balance your body, get out and absorb some vitamin D while you work out. Take a walk to your local shopping centre or mow the lawn etc

These activities refreshen you for the productive work-from-home day.

Most of us must have had good expectations and were happy to work from home. It is fun to wake up less early and not have to struggle with traffic as you commute.

However, working from home might be a challenge to first-timers and everyone else who enjoys office space. It is, however, a good way to keep yourself busy during self-isolation.

The social distance you are taking while keeping busy with work at home will help reduce the rampant spread of coronavirus. Stay at home and keep yourself busy and healthy while protecting yourself and your family.

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