Eating out in Nairobi

For me, eating out has always been a hobby. I love to eat… but to eat out rather than at home.

This has always been my answer when I’m asked about my hobbies. I make sure to add the second part of the sentence to avoid all your unrealistic judgments.

I’m no food critic neither am I a food blogger. I’m just overly obsessed with the whole eating out at a feel-good atmosphere.

Not all places offer the same kind of feeling, and that is why I go all the way to find new places to eat at every other month according to my pockets.

I have not yet been to the destinations below; however, I have heard and read positive reviews that might have stirred my appetite.

The Giraffe Manor Boutique Hotel

Unfortunately that I am self-diagnosed with zoophobia – the fear of nonhuman animals. After many tried and failed therapy attempts, I finally was advised to face my fears and take charge. The more I get close to animals, the more I let loose of unnecessary anxiety. 

I have decided the Giraffe Manor is my next stop the moment my stealthy November pay arrives.

No, I am not saving for Christmas, thanks.

I wonder what their menu brings but from what I have gathered is that it is worth the experience. I hope as the humble long-necked giants pop through my window, they can have something of their own and not feed on my meal.

Simply put, I hope that I am served something different for the giraffes, so they don’t eat my food because I don’t think that will provide a solution to my long term troubles.

I am looking forward to experiencing dinner with Giraffe residents so I can be mindful enough to share my meal.

The Ole-Sereni luxury hotel

Amidst the chaos of a never resting city lies a refuge; Ole Sereni meaning “a place of peace and tranquillity” in one of the local Kenyan dialects of Masai. Ole Sereni is a 20 minutes drive from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and 5 minutes less from Wilson’s Airport respectively.

A perfect spot for the traveller.

It boasts resting ashore the Nairobi National Game Park.

I want to dine here on a good Tuesday evening tired from work, seeking rejuvenation and inspiration for my next eye-popping article.

Ole Sereni hosts a thrilling sundowner every Tuesday where the guests are treated to a nice meal off their captivating menu, dining on mouth-watering meals, sipping their cold favorite drink as they watch the setting sunrays and game from the park.

What a way to experience vanity without even trying!

I look forward to doing this when the Emara Ole Sereni has been launched- a new extension to the initial hotel.

Hilton garden inn, Nairobi

I pass along this haven every day on my way to and from work.

I have always admired the warm ambiance it radiates at anyone looking at it. If passing by the exterior can make your heart double skip in beaming excitement, what then do you make of the inside?

Hilton Garden Inn seems to have that longed-for remedy to exhaustion. It beams a light of modern upcountry with a twist of contemporary architecture.  

I am going to pack a bag one evening, drive away from home to a new hideout, Hilton Garden Inn to think about my life and I promise you I will leave with the right answers.

The Panari hotel

I doubt I am the only girl who once had unshakable dreams of being a cheerleader. I once did and still do daydream about myself singing cheerful songs, clad in mini A-line skirt uniforms and dancing to acrobatic yet sexy moves.

I still see myself very fit and flexibly choreographing to my team’s loud cheer chants. 

Now, interestingly, I see myself ice skating too. There is neither snow nor ice in Nairobi, however, there is a huge interior ice rink to play hockey at or just boast running around.

The biggest in Africa lies in the Panari Hotel and it is time I visit this place to fulfill my childhood dreams. At Least I can skate on ice if I can’t lead a group of cheer girls. 

What do you think?

Villa Rosa Kempinski, Nairobi Kenya

For a long time, I have wanted to feel like a Hollywood star and get distinguished treatment like the eloquent movie vixens.

For this experience, this is my next best shot. The Kempinski is a vast display of native European beauty lying on the outskirts of Nairobi. It is believed that the former POTUS dined and stayed here in his previous visit to Kenya before the end of his regime.

They have a range of international multicultural restaurants and this is going to be my first time to taste Moroccan cuisine.

I will have to get a side hustle to elevate my savings and come again to dine Italian or Pan Asian. They do however boast a signature dish of crispy skin delicious tilapia.

I will drive to this ample parking space ready to conquer their eloquent state of the art services;

Spa, Sauna, Steambath you name it. 

I do not know how deep I would have dug into my pockets for this classy experience but I know for sure that it will be beyond memorable.

CJ’s Cafe Javas

From my long stay in Uganda, I’ve known Cafe javas to be popular amongst my acquaintances. They advised it is the right place to enjoy romantic dates and dinners. I shrug at that statement because, honestly, it doesn’t tackle me. 

“They serve amazing chicken and shakes”, they added.

I can’t resist to tell you what captures my attention the most about this solitary lunchroom.

It is the monster size portions of their yummy servings. CJ’s does not only stop at offering you well-seasoned healthy cuisines but are also extremely generous in their servings. I bet this is the right place for all you foodies.

No wonder the hype it receives.

They are also known to offer delivery services around the Central Business District area of Nairobi so I will settle for delivery just so I can eat good food at home.

Unlike Kampala, Uganda where there are multitudes of CJ’s restaurants, there are only three branches in Nairobi:

Waterfront mall, Karen

Village Market, Limuru road

Koinange street CBD

Note that if the cutlery doesn’t have their name on it then you are in the wrong restaurant.

Hang on there as I make my visit to these striking restaurants.

I’ll bring you the most genuine feedback and recommendations, I promise.

For now I’ll start my dine out adventure.

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