What we Know about Opibus Energy

[Update: 31:01:2022]

Opibus is a revolutionary company that has officially landed in Kenya. Having been founded in 2017. The company essentially focuses on electric conversion for vehicles such as buses, trucks plus all public transportation including motorbikes. 

The company hails from Sweden and chose Kenya to launch its product as its the fastest country in Sub-Saharan Africa.

China accounts for about ⅓ of Kenya’s external debt service after the World Bank. The government plans to spend 117.7 billion on the Chinese debt period of which  24.7 billion shillings is interest payments and 93 billion in redemptions.

How do Opibus Electric cars work?

One of the key concepts is modularisation. They separate the powertrain and design into standardised modules by making EMI-proof HV relay boxes. Thus avoiding the need to redesign every time as the control units can be used across several sizes of vehicles.

Opibus energy uses high-quality lithium-ion battery technology that reduces electricity costs and improves profit margins. This modular installation ensures end to end mobility and is affordable.

What specifications does the Opibus Bus have?

Price- Available to the public in May 2022.

Power- 225kW

Motor Torque- 706Nm

Top Speed 85km/h can range to 120km (0-110 kph in 16 Sec)

Charging power DC 90 kW

Charging power 19.8kW

Fastest charging time – 1.5 Hours

Battery Capacity- 121kWh

What are the  Specifications of the Opibus Motorcycle?

The cost of the Opibus electric motorcycle starts at a low of  Ksh.158,900.

Specifications? 200km range ( dual battery). 

  • 200kg payload.
  • 90kph top seep.
  • 0-90kph in 5 secs.
  • 8650 W power
  • 2×2.9 kWh battery capacity.

The reviews are pretty positive. Visit Youtube to see the real-time performance of this bike.

How to contact Opibus Kenya

The Opibus physical address is somewhere around Airport Rd, Nairobi. When you get there just call their service line 0112054484. 

Alternatively, should you be interested in purchasing either the bikes or buses, leave your contacts on the website

Also, try the chat on-site or leave a comment on the Socials. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube