Apart from the famous Maasai culture, we have exported a lot abroad.

For a long time, we were known internationally as the land of the Maasais and marathoners. However, that has changed as Kenyans took over even Hollywood and won Oscars. Plus we are the only African country to have had a US president so don’t play with us;) And enough with the braggado, let’s explore some brands, innovation and even bands that are heavily played abroad.

You see, every country, however small, is known for something internationally.

Jamaica is known for Reggae. Puerto Rico – for beautiful beaches and hideaway spots for billionaires. America – for some of the most amazing innovations known to humanity.

And what is Kenya known for? A lot more than for breaking Olympic and INEOS Marathon records;)


A bottle of Tusker beer goes for around $15 in America, quite an expensive beer out there.

A little piece of Tusker goes a long way as they had advertised it many years ago. It has the Kenyan spirit of adventure and hard work.

Any foreigner friend I have introduced to Tusker tells me it is quite a fine beer. Easy on the tongue and tastes fantastic;)

Tusker has been branded as that beer for any occasion – dinner, weekends and holidays. And that is why it has grown to such great heights. They used to have the biggest talent show in the East African region for a long time, and some music stars came from that.

Kenyan AA coffee

We are still on drinks and beverages, and the Kenyan coffee remains one of the best in the world. It is the Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee that beats it when it comes to quality.

Coffee is one of the biggest export earners for the Kenyan economy. 

The funny thing is that many Kenyans would rather take tea than coffee despite having a great tasting coffee. It is always bizarre to me how they came to love tea more. Our tea is equally good, but our coffee is more prominent internationally.

I once asked a white man from Switzerland what brands he likes, and he mentioned Kenyan coffee as one of them. He told me it is a big thing in his country.

Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is a band made in Kenya but played in Los Angeles and Europe a lot. When Obama visited, he said, “back in California, they dance to ‘sura yako’ a lot”. A hit made by Sauti Sol.

In Africa, it is Nigerian music that has been heavily played in Europe. But we have some Kenyan musicians like Sauti Sol and the late Ayub Ogada that managed to break into international stardom with the Kenyan sound.

Kanye West sampled one of Ayub’s songs in his ‘Yikes’ Album.

And you wonder what makes Sauti Sol that big? They have a sound, one that sells the Swahili sol. We were used to American sol songs for a long till we got tired. And Sauti Sol came along with Lazizi and freed us from the chains of American sol. They have great vocals and a unique style of singing which blends with both the local and international audience.

You see good music sells in any part of the world despite the language barrier because you can feel it;)

The Maasai Culture

What attracts tourists to the Mara apart from the wildlife. It is a witness of the awesome Maasai culture; which means the great dancing style and unique traditions. The Maasai dance as they jump and even kill lions without weapons.

Yours truly here is scared of coming close to any wild beasts. I can only tame wild bulls, but lions are a no-go zone for me.

The Maasai men are quite brave I must say, and apart from acting as tour guides in Mara, they can teach you a lot about their tradition and fashion; they dress in beads and nice fabric.

Fashion designers all over the world like the Maasai fabric because it is of superb quality.


You can join your Paypal or skrill account with your M-Pesa and transfer the money you have been sent from abroad straight to your phone. You can opt for a bank wire transfer that I am not sure how long it will take. White people use their credit and debit cards to pay for goods, but here we use our phones.

It’s a cashless system of paying for services that has been working just fine.

M-Pesa started in Kenya but was quickly adopted in other African countries.

What makes M-Pesa famous? It changed lives, made transactions easier and freed us from the traditional banking system, which was quite rigid. A few years ago when you get paid, you had to go queuing in the bank or ATm points, but that is no more.

Money comes straight to your phone, and you can start paying all your bills at one spot. Single click all your payments away.

Kenya Sevens

Our sevens rugby team is definitely a brand worth talking about. We have beat all the biggest rugby teams in the world at some point. We have won some major cups like the World Rugby Sevens Series by beating Fiji at the 2016 Singapore sevens. It is no mean feat going against a mega team like Fiji and coming out victorious.

Wanna see more? Visit Kenya;)

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