Twitter – what is it about?

Twitter allows its users to type short sentences of whatever they want to talk about in about 280 characters.

The Kenyans on Twitter community have not been left behind. It has grown over the years and has even used this space to air out their “problems”.

And guess what? They have reinforced action just out of twitter banter.

Here is a list of some of the accounts you need to follow as a #KOTLoyal to keep up-to-date with Kenyans.

Kenya pics @kenyapics

@kenyapics is a mini-blog on twitter that inspires Kenyans to love their country more.

I mean following their page with keen concentration will change your negative view over Kenya. 

This timeline has proven to draw both Kenyans and non-Kenyans to discover many extraordinary destinations and their beauty within its borders.

They faithfully show off quality Kenyan pictures and attach an outstanding story to them.

I totally agree that @kenyapics is a beautifully jumbled encyclopedia that defines Kenya.

With their zeal to prove that Kenya is no ”hot-bed of terror”, they are currently doing a fundraiser to spike their ability to promote Kenya to the world. Check it out.

Droid @droid254

Droid is an account suspected to be running under the techie, Charles Kireki. Anyway, this account is known best for begging BBC Africa to change a photo they posted after Droid successfully photoshopped it and corrected it to his thought of perfection.

And guess what, the BBC granted his wish and did a before and after version of the photo.

He is known for recommending anything Kenyan and worth the know or even non-Kenyan.

Droid is diverse in all he/she posts and includes humor, life hacks or news.

He at times goes extra and attaches dark humour to his content, but you can’t help and see the ‘lol’ side of it.

I must say he is the ‘cool kid’ whom everyone misses once he doesn’t come to school. Even though he really talks to only two who are his best friends.

MZEE EDD @005en5n

Popularly known for his scanty Swahili and Kikuyu spelling and pronunciation, Edd has been baptized “the link” for Kenyan Twitter. He has a great range of following from Kenyans both within and the diaspora.

Edd has been known to receive charming compliments from the ladies under his rarely uploaded pictures causing a solvable rough patch between him and the gents. 

Edd has this unique charisma and affection for Kenya could be because of his inability to stay here longer and experience what the true Kenyan means.

He is also one of the co-founders of MamboZuri, a digital platform that focuses on Kenyan and diaspora news.

Bosi_bori @bosibori254 

For a while now, the regular Kenyan tweep must have come across the hashtag #KOTLOYALS.

This is a hashtag that trends every other day but mostly over the weekends. It is a campaign designed to help all Kenyans gain twitter followers to have somewhat interesting reads as soon as they log in to twitter. 

Bosibori being the chief leader of this barnstorm so far gained a following of about 21.1k followers in a few months that recently her birthday was a national trend. Although, there are more Kenyan tweeps that influence this hashtag bosibori is just a perfect exemplar.

@bosibori254 also has quite interesting Swahili tweets that will elevate your mood once you bump into them.

Boniface Mwangi @bonifacemwangi

Internationally recognised pan Africanist, activist, the political party leader for Ukweli Party, and author, Boniface Mwangi is a lot more other things as far as his career is concerned.

@bonifacemwangi has been listed as one of the top 10 most popular Kenyans on twitter with a following of 1.3 million.

He is famous for being fearless in condemning everything he considers unjust for the nation. Following Boni will open up your mind to a lot of other things you didn’t know concerning Kenyan politics, history, and current affairs.

Don’t get me wrong, he is not an entirely cynical guy as he goes ahead to acknowledge other stakeholders breaking their arms and legs for the good of Africa. 

Dr Miguna Miguna @MigunaMiguna

Miguna Miguna, known as the man with the same name twice is a dual Kenyan and Canadian citizen, columnist, author, and barrister.

Miguna Miguna is a frequent Twitter user and is never afraid to speak his mind. Sometimes overly crude, his utmost experience in writing is explained by choice of words he uses to play along with his statements.

Sometimes they are annoying, but his truth can be felt as he fights for his space in the Kenyan political atmosphere from the diaspora where he is currently based. 

Safaricom @SafaricomPLC

Safaricom Kenya is the most widely used telecommunication network all over Kenya, known for its wide coverage, strength, and speed. Most Kenyans are attached to this service provider.

Safaricom offers tailored customer service and delivers on its handle. You don’t want to miss out. 

For long, Kenyans have been known to throw sarcastic attacks to Safaricom who is not only friendly but vengeful. It creates a whole string of unmatchable humour you never want to miss.  

Your Personal Finance - Zenka


Also known as DJ CK, Chris is one of Africa’s richest entrepreneurs, a successful business mogul and property owner with the biggest shares in most of his holdings.

Chris Kirubi, the life-changing philanthropist he has always been, has transformed the lives of many Kenyans with his kind heart. At his mature age of 78, he is still perfectly able to keep up with his social life by frequently posting motivations and business advice on his handle @CKirubi.

He has for a long time pushed the hashtag #AskKirubi to answer business queries posed by his followers. Follow him to get inspired by his long successful journey as an entrepreneur and media personality.

Kaluhi’s kitchen @Kaluhi’s_Kitchen

Kaluhi is a self-taught Kenyan chef with enthusiasm to blog about her work as well.

She has won several awards for best food blog for about three years in a row since 2016. She is known to bless her followers with cooking tips and mouth-watering recipes best for all occasions.

Kaluhi is the guide to your local food menu. 

Of late, she has gone the extra mile to review meals and fascinating restaurants all over town, giving feedback to guide and lead her media disciples.

Despite being engrossed in culinary arts, she doesn’t stop at that but add humour by posting meal combinations that are unimaginably unfit for the regular Kenyan.she is the ideal kitchen comedian, if that is a thing.

This list is just “a must-have”, but I believe you can find much more interesting blogs and accounts worth following.

Keep on fishing for them:)

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