Is It Really a Big Deal? 

If you live in Nairobi, you are well familiar with how messy and chaotic it can be on a rainy day.

This is not to mention the unpredictability of the weather, whereby, you prepare adequately for a rainy day (by carrying umbrellas and wearing heavy clothing) only to realize it was a wrong prediction.

In Nairobi, whenever there is a heavy downpour, you can expect a rise in bus fare for those using public transport, traffic jam, confusion and some time, fraudsters or pickpockets who take advantage of the weather.

The living standards also tend to go up (whereby, the groceries and clothing such as jackets or rain boots become overpriced) but thanks to applications such as Branch or Zenka loan apps, that are providing loans in Kenya without security. With this kind of apps, you can quickly assess instant cash to cater for your emergencies at any time.

In this article, you will get to know ways on how can you cope with the rainy weather in Nairobi, Kenya.

Dressing Tips

  1. Bring an extra pair of shoes or rain boots. Ensure that you have an extra pair of shoes in your office that you can wear on a rainy day. You will find out that there are so many puddles when it rains; therefore, the shoes or rain boots should come in handy. Sometime, you will find out that the sidewalks are flooded, in the rainy season; thus, it is recommendable to prepare yourself by investing in quality boots.
  2. Carry a rain jacket. The weather in Nairobi is unpredictable, and most of us have been caught up unaware in the rainy weather. To prevent this scenario from happening, ensure to carry a rain jacket no matter the forecast.
  3. Umbrellas. Whenever it rains, you will find numerous entrepreneurs selling umbrellas in all streets of Nairobi. Although it is easy to find an umbrella, ensure that you are practicing proper umbrella etiquette whenever there is a downpour. Some of the tips you should include:
  • Raising your umbrella when passing a person to avoid knocking or soaking a person without an umbrella.
  • Carrying a medium sized umbrella.
  • Disposing a broken umbrella appropriately rather than abandoning it in the street and
  • Shaking off your umbrella before entering a building.
How to Survive A Rainy Day In Nairobi_article

Traveling Tips

  1. Give yourself more time when traveling on a rainy season. If you are heading to work, give yourself more time to commute. You can wake up or start traveling to avoid traffic and crowding.
  2. Hire a car. If you are traveling for a business or have an urgent meeting, you should consider hiring a car. This is because taxis are scarce when it rains and the public transport is pricey and chaotic when it rains.
  3. Drive with caution. It is enjoyable to drive with the windows down when the weather is dry. You might have over speed in the summer and got away with it. However, when it rains, the roads tend to be slick, and with the rushing water and floods, you can end up in a fatal accident.

If You Work From Home

  1. Spend some time on a creative project. Do you have hobbies such as drawing, crocheting, sewing, cooking, carpentry, or scrapbooking? Have you neglected your hobby saying you are too busy? If so, during this wet season, you should utilize your time and set aside time for your hobbies.
  2. Take a break from your work and read. If there is a book you have wanted to read, be it poetry, novel, medical journals, or religious text, you can use this time to read it.

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