Money-saving strategies 

If you and your partner have big plans coming up, whether it’s a honeymoon, a wedding party, a new flat or pregnancy and childbirth, finding ways to cut corners and put some money aside when expenses pile up can be very difficult.

However, some simple money-saving strategies will get you closer towards achieving your goals. If you both feel there is some space to improve your finances, here are some penny-pinching ideas to start with.

First, talk about your budget

Discussing income and expenses might not be very romantic, especially at the beginning of the relationship. However, if you see that the relation can possibly end in a joint future, it is reasonable not to postpone the conversation about money, credit, and saving.

These days, it is rare to have a sole breadwinner in a family. Usually, when time goes on, family-related expenses only pile up. Lofty goals like a wedding party or buying a new flat often result in indebtedness. This is why you ought to talk about debt management and saving strategies before the question appears in your relationship.

Small changes, big difference

Take a closer look at your monthly expenses. Probably, there is some space for both of you to cut on unnecessary consumption. Try to find a compromise. For example, if he quits smoking, you can swap your favorite beauty salon for at-home beauty procedures.

You can also brew your coffee yourself instead of buying a takeaway one. Similarly, if you both like partying and going out, try to limit the alcohol intake per evening, or just swap expensive cocktails for beers. You will soon see a significant difference in your bank accounts.

Go on cheap dates

Eating out and going to the cinema can make an unforgettable date; however, several evenings out each month can be devastating for your budget. Instead, try to look for some free events taking place in the neighborhood, have a candle dinner in, go for a romantic walk, cycle together at weekends, etc. Try to be creative in keeping the romance in your relationship alive without running your bank accounts dry.

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Tighten your belt when buying your groceries

You can save a little fortune when doing your shopping. Remember that cooking at home is much cheaper than eating out. If you have enough storage space at home, you can buy basic food items in bulk. Similarly, look for some cheaper alternatives to basic food and household items: as a rule, generic brands are likewise good as the top brands.

Share as much as possible

Finally, the most important thing a couple can do is to consolidate monthly expenses. Renting a flat together, sharing a car when commuting to work, splitting the household bills and costs of subscriptions like Netflix and Spotify – these are the ideas to consider. The more you share, the bigger savings you can make for your joint future and big expenses looming on the horizon.

When you run out of money, choose right

Usually, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to save enough money to organize a big wedding party or to buy a new flat. Sometimes our relatives give us a helping hand. However, if we cannot meet our financial goals anyway, credit can help make our dreams come true. In the lookout of trustworthy loan providers, avoid costly fees and hidden costs. Best mobile loan apps like Okash, Utunzi, or Okolea offer you transparent and flexible financial tools, which will back up your hard-earned savings in times your family-related expenses rise.

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