It is important to have at least one contact detail of your mobile lender. So that, in case of any challenges, you can talk to their customer care directly and create a solution. Here is an updated list of pay bill numbers and contacts of mobile loan apps in Kenya.


Tala loan app

Tala is a fast respondent. I experienced this after emailing them my challenge on Tala registration. Tala customer care replied to my email in less than 5 minutes.

In case of further questions concerning your loan, you can reach Tala through their social media handles Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Or visit their website.

Email: [email protected]  

SMS: 21991

Tala loans pay bill number is 851900.



By now, it is clear that Zenka is very social media-friendly. They have carried out lots of promos on social media where their customer care is always instantly giving feedback.

To contact Zenka, get online support on:

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Talk directly to Zenka Customer Care employees: 0207650878

Or, e-mail Zenka: [email protected] 

P.O Box 29107-001000

Nairobi, Kenya

Use the pay bill number 979988 to clear your Zenka loans.



BranchBranch loans are very efficient in their communication. They reply instantly to emails sent to them. Branch also has an active support system on their loan app that is effective to customers’ questions.

To contact Branch, visit their website

Or social media on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Email : [email protected] / [email protected]

Use the pay bill number 851900 to clear your Branch loans.  



berry loan appBerry loans can be reached through:

Email: [email protected]

On Social media: Facebook and Twitter.

And through online support on the Berry website.

Berry gives replies on their social media and is fast to give solutions to customers’ queries. To pay your Berry loans, use pay bill number 977888.



okash loan appI recently contacted Okash and their customer service number would hang up amidst the call. This happened to me twice. On calling the Okash contact, you receive a lot of auto commands to choose preferred language and state what your query could be. After this, the line instantly disconnects.

I then went ahead and wrote an email to Okash and received a response in less than 30 minutes.

Call: 020 7659988. 

Email: [email protected]  with your registered M-Pesa number as the subject. 

WhatsApp: +254758705699.

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

You can also visit the Okash website for more details. 

The Okash pay bill number is 612224.



Okolea loan appOkolea loans are most responsive through phone calls. However, they do address customer issues that have been raised on their social media. Here are the contacts of Okolea loans:

Visit their website for more details. 

Contact: +254748679076/ +254720178775/ +254709615000

Email: [email protected]

Social media; Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Address: P. O Box 41316-00100 Nairobi. 

The pay bill number for Okolea loans is 245316.



opesa loan appOpesa loans do regular updates on their Facebook, giving instant replies to their users. To contact Opesa loans:

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: +254-207650999

Whatsapp: +254 0758706946

Visit opesa social media sites; Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


Their offices are located along Ring Road Parklands, Building: Apollo Center, Sarit Centre Nairobi.

To pay your Opesa loan, use pay bill number 606280.



timiza loan appTimiza is a product of Barclays Bank which is the new Absa bank. You might encounter new changes in Timiza’s brand colours.

To contact Timiza;

Call: 020 4265000 / 0709 213 000

Social media: Facebook, and Twitter.

Email: [email protected] 

Or, ask an expert through the Timiza website.

PO Box 30120, 00100 GPO, Nairobi, Kenya

Timiza loans pay bill number is 300067.


Ipesa loan app

ipesa loan appIpesa loans pay bill number is 192010. 

To contact Ipesa, 

Email: [email protected]. Send your query to this email with your M-Pesa registered number and ID as your subject.

Contact: +05488888888.

Social media: Facebook.

Office: Adlife Plaza, Chania Avenue, Nairobi.


Utunzi loans

Utunzi loan appConnect with Utunzi customer care through the following ways:


Email; [email protected] 

Contact; 0720686009

Utunzi is also on social media; Facebook and Twitter. They instantly answer their customers’ queries.

Through app support by sending a message on Utunzi loan app.

To pay Utunzi loans, use the pay bill number 800950.


Stawika loan app

stawika loan appOn its Facebook page, it is indicated that Stawika typically replies within a day. Therefore, if you have an urgent query, it is best to call or email them. 

Below are Stawika loan app contacts.

Stawika capital limited is located along Ngong Road, Bishop Magua Centre 1st floor, Nairobi. For inquiries, call 0207608965, 0790523410 or 0789814134. 

Email: i[email protected]

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To clear your Stawika loan, use pay bill number 830685.


Zash loan app

zash loan appYou can contact Zash Customer Care through,

Email: [email protected]  

Call: +2540207650893.

Or through their online customer service on their Zash website.

Social media: Zash can also be found on Facebook.

To clear your Zash loan, use the pay bill number 733555.


Stawi loans

To contact Stawi loans,

Email: [email protected]  

Stawi can further be contacted through 0709 714 999 or 0730714999.

Pay Stawi loans via pay bill number 796101.


Lioncash loans

lioncash loan appCall LionCash on 0793 302922

Social media: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. LionCash typically replies to you instantly.

Email: [email protected]  

LionCash pay bill number is 309517.


Afrika loans

africa loansEmail: [email protected], or you can talk to their customer care team through social media, Social media: Facebook, Twitter (@afrikaloa).

To pay Afrika loans, use pay bill 697566.

We hope you found direct contacts to your best loan app on this list. If you didn’t, keep an eye on the next articles with more contacts and pay bill numbers of new loan apps.


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