How to deal with the economic downturn?

The world is currently connected and collaborative more than ever. A single factor – Covid-19 threat – has unified us with the technology holding the waters to keep most businesses afloat. Every business is engrossed to ensure that it doesn’t pose a long-lasting impact.

Whether you are a service or product provider, staying connected is pivotal to help you retain and expand your customer base.

You might have little control over the situation; however, these measures can help you boost connection with your customers.

Show concern

People seek connections during tough times. Consider reaching out to your customers and acknowledge these are challenging moments for everyone. Offer them helpful resources.

Remind them about being cautious by keeping social distancing, washing hands, and staying home. Have an impact on their lives by communicating how your brand can get involved during this tough time.

Mobilise citizens to help vulnerable communities voluntarily. If possible, donate money, product, or services to help your customers continue with their lives normally.

Stating your philanthropic stand or coordinating with other concerned partners like WHO or MoH can have a lasting inspiration to your audience. 

Always go live on digital platforms

It is said, ‘Out of sight, out of mind.’ Going live on various platforms can explode your customer reach. Use live videos to proactively educate your audience about Covid-19 pandemic.

Give them tips on how to wash hands. You can also begin live streaming to tell stories about your brands. 

For example, show them how to craft a perfect cup of coffee if you are dealing with coffee brands. Cook live if you are a local bakery. Besides, you can host virtual events or meet clients on Facebook or Instagram live video.

These plans enable you to set the availability, display brand products/services, and customise appointments.

Respond to customers’ on how your brand will continue supporting them.

Put a brand purpose and make it count

With this global lockdown, most businesses have taken decisive actions to take care of their customers and communities. The competition is stiff, and you need to dig deep to standout.

Communicate genuinely and effectively to activate your purpose. If you are a fast-food enterprise, switch to operate on online takeaway meals to minimise physical contacts.

You can offer a massive discount on your products to show your understanding of the Covid-19 financial impact. Quarantine facilities are currently overwhelmed.

If you are in the hospitality sector, consider offering your facilities to serve as an isolation centre for the elderly and vulnerable customers.

Remember, you aim to embody an inspiring ethos and prove that your business exists beyond making a profit. 

Regularly post content to strengthen your online presence

Always post content to boost your online buzz and remind your customers that you still stand with them.

Utilise Instagram business account, WhatsApp business profile, or Facebook pages to post interactive videos and photos concerning your products. Give announcements about your new offers, discounts, or products. Always remind customers why they should shop with you.

You need to highlight what makes you special and unique. Also, review your entire content stream, including SMS, previous social media posts, push notifications, transactional, and promotional emails.

Identify contents that should be restructured or posed to reflect the current situation. Otherwise, you risk posting irrelevant information that can damage your reputation. Consider having a content calendar to schedule your content posts. 

Sell your products online

The lockdown has perhaps interrupted your chances of making robust sales as usual.

Consider creating a remote store to give your customers an alternative to discover and purchase your products. 

If you have an e-commerce platform, link it up with social media to follow up on customers’ trends and actions. Alternatively, have contact options like emails or phone for easy reach out.

Create a product catalogue, manage your inventory, and deliver your orders.

You can also offer door-to-door free delivery services or have a product collection centre.

Use stories to boost engagement

Stories create trust and build connections with customers. Use photos and videos to interact with your customers on a personal level. This will transform your brand presence and identity.

Show behind-the-scenes moments, share genuine content and have regular announcements to trigger online engagement. If possible, consider using the paid six-second mini-ads on Facebook that allow businesses to tell their stories. Customer-related stories can also hugely expand your reach and inspire the audience.

Use philanthropic stories to provide insight into the current pandemic. 

A rebound will significantly depend on your extensive efforts to ensure customer connection during recessions. Proactively communicate to keep your customers informed about your business.

Take these resources to remain agile and maintain a relationship with the customers during this time of need. 


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