Does weather influence fashion in Kenya?

In the beautiful never sleeping capital of Kenya, it is all waves of laughter and joy until the noise of the threatening thunder from the far horizons begin to roar. At this moment, all hearts will be soaring and unleashing their inner “beauty”.

There will be an unnecessary rush by each one of the street occupants.

Matatus will hoot very loudly at every minor opportunity they come by. Noise is at its peak, but you can’t hear a thing because all you want is to get to a haven before the stormy rains.

One thing I was told before moving here is that all my blouses and top shirts will get age stricken and ruined right beside my shoulder blades. Only on that exact spot.

Why? Because of the scramble and partition of humans on the congested streets. We, the city pedestrians, will always rub shoulders unconsciously amidst commotions of the packed Moi Avenue.

I was further convinced that this only gets better once I decided to own a car.

The irregular rains have this time caught us off guard. Was this not supposed to be the weather status two months ago? Can we not even predict our weather?

How engrossed must we be in other affairs, forgetting to take care of our blissful environment?

Once more, it is the season of unending drizzles, gross streets and boggy, mud-filled shoe treads.

The time when we shall all be “Umbrella fighting” along Tom Mboya street trying to find our way through to our destinations. Messy weather affects the moods of the regular ‘Nairobian’, believe it or not.

What explains the jeering sounds, the unnecessary extra energy and miserably sad faces of city dwellers in this wet atmosphere? It is the rage.

Going through climatic blues has never meant that you should look all gross and impulsive. This is the moment to hype your sombre moods for a brighter day.

We researched and came up with trendy fashion styles for the regular Mwananchi in Nairobi to elevate not only your miserable mood but give you outstanding looks!

Double-breasted trench coats

Trench coats have always been a thing and are not about to stop. However, we must agree that trench coats have their season. You will suffocate your body if you clad in one on a hot summer day. For now, think of trench coats as a warm, stylish blanket to help you beat extreme coldness.

You can play around with moderate colours ranging from army green to maroon if you want to keep it official.

Ladies can always spice it up with bright colours like pink and peach as long as your outfit is not too bright or else you’ll injure your admirers’ eyes.


Hook yourself up with a few pairs of ankle boots and the marshy carpeted ground will have nothing on you. The thing with ankle-length boots is that they come in many ways: wedged, flat, heeled, buckled you name it. Find one that suits your comfort while you get ready to stride over the muddy roads.

Just so you know, you can always clean your shoes and soles anywhere around town at a very friendly price. This way, you won’t have to worry about the mud you carry around.


Harsh winds have swept across the city. They not only contaminate the atmosphere but are also strong and piercing up until your bone marrow.

Include a set or two in your closet. You need one, trust me. Consider having a wide range of different materials like crocheted, cashmere. And cable knitted sweaters. At Least they will keep you warm in spite of the cold.


Scarves are the perfect option for those who find sweaters a bother. They are as light as a feather, occupy less space and still manage to keep your upper body as warm. Convenience is the whole point here; however, it does come with a cost of knowing a few loops and different styles of tying it.

To avoid this, you can opt for round or infinity scarves and snoods. Here are some “how to wear” rules for the scarf lovers.


Some of you have must have had the slippery grounds experience. Imagine falling down a few meters to your house after a long day of work. Not good at all.

You might want to consider a pair of trainers that are appropriate for your daily work. Either way, you can carry an extra pair to use at work except the upheave and the changing process might be hectic for you.

It is, however, worth it. Fashion rules have gone overboard in allowing you to wear sneakers over anything, be it dresses, gowns, suits too.

Fear not! Learn to embrace mistakes, although not the wrong way. Sneakers are ideal for fast activity and jumping across the rain puddles of Nairobi


Beanies are more casual, but this depends on how your overall attire is. Never mind! Beanies are intended to keep your freezing ears warm alongside other head areas. For women, beanies accentuate your look when you have long flowing hair. Instead of holding a bun of your braided hair, let it flow sideways and attach a beanie on your head.

Other caps to stop your hair from getting wet are barrettes. They look even more stylish when you wear them with a tilt across your head… Pillbox caps are also cool but a little sophisticated.

All in all, ensure to accommodate high etiquette while using caps. You want to maintain that reputation you’ve always held at work.

Men’s shawl collar sweaters

We all know what men like: more in less. Your masculine nature will appreciate a hoodie, scarf, and sweater all in one. Besides fighting to keep warm, you are beating the odds of style and looking all hot and approachable in your Sunday best.

Turtleneck shirts

Dear gents, the good news is these can go along your suits. The high key prevents cool air from sneaking into your body. I prefer turtle necks when they come long-sleeved, cotton made body-hugging and stretchers.

There is no reason for you to freeze in Nairobi. Roll neck shirts and sweaters are awesome for those who want to go a little extra.

We are tired of the sick aura everyone is bringing to our streets on bad weather days.

Let’s hope you’ll smile after following our well-thought choice of chilly weather fashion trends and follow master these rainy day tips.

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