Some things like athletics and Ugali are ours, they are inherent in us.

It is Kenyan to break marathon records and conquer the world of sports in Rugby and Football of late.

However, some things like horse racing at Ngong Racecourse might not be ours, but we have slowly adopted them over the years. 

It is quite cool when guys go out of the ordinary and try some foreign sports like Paintball or even beer pong if it is a sport.

You will find young bourgee Nairobians playing beer pong at the Alchemist in Parklands Road. If you like beer and dare games, this is definitely a tryout spot for you.

Body Shots

Since we started with drinks, it is not uncommon to find young Nairobians trying body shots during pool parties and house parties.

Our father’s generation could only drink Tusker in clubs with bottles.

But it is different for the Nairobi millennials, they have more fun drinking from their friends’ belly button. It is quite good for bonding.

Whereas it is quite common in first-world cities, it is quite a new thing for Nairobians.

Other foreign drinks you will find on Nairobi restaurant’s menus are Italian Cappuccino and Mochaccino.

Ethiopian Injera

Our food is pretty excellent, but we feel like they have been overdone.

Very few Nairobians fancy Ugali anymore, and that’s how you will find a lot of Ethiopian restaurants fully packed on weekends with Nairobians munching this foreign delicacy.

And more so Ethiopian hospitality is considered to be one of the best in Africa and Kenyans have slowly developed a thing for their menu; you can try Kitfo and Gored Gored at Campia Ethiopian Restaurant. However, Injera is still the most popular.

It picked up on Nairobians faster than any other foreign meal.

Crocodile Meat

You shall find this mostly in Langatta, Carnivore Restaurant and the likes. It is quite a healthy meal and rather expensive. 

It used to be mostly for foreigners, but Nairobians have come to like a bite of the biter, they call it a ‘beast of a feast‘.

Crocodile meat has been around for over a decade, and it took time for Nairobians to grow upon it.

Anyway, they have come to enjoy the culinary skills of Carnivore chefs when it comes to preparing this awesome dish.

Camel Meat

This is made in Eastleigh. Camels are kept in North Eastern, and the consumption of their meat is a new phenomenon to Nairobians.

What has been around for a while is camel milk which is considered nutritious and high in demand across Nairobi.

However, there is a huge appetite for dried camel meat in the city of late. Imagine eating a camel, that long animal.

Nigerian Fufu

We have an invasion of west Africans in Nairobi, and they came with their pidgin and diet too.

You will find a Nigerian Restaurant in almost every uptown neighbourhood or malls in the city.

Nigerians actually considered Kenyan food not to be sweet as compared to their Fried Rice and pounded Yam.

I hear Fufu is the thing, you eat that meal you lose your appetite for Kenyan meals.

China plate

You can also find fried rice and noodle soup at China Plate located at the Chancery in Valley Road. There is a lot to taste there if you are into Chinese food.


There is a lot of foreign practices that city residents have picked up from movies of late that we could look at and one of them is the use of choppers as taxis for short rides within the town.

Some Nairobians don’t mind hiring Corporate Helicopters for a quick ride within the town when they feel late or don’t want to be stuck in traffic jams. They say time flies, so why won’t you fly with it.

In developed countries, we have guys hiring private jets, but here we have replaced that with the chopper.

GCSE system

We have a lot of Kenyan students around taking French courses, Chinese classes, Russian studies.

Some of the international schools around also offer these studies too.

I guess learning a foreign language is one of the fastest ways of adopting a new culture.

Many Nairobi schools have introduced these new languages into their curriculum, and this will make the future Nairobian more exposed and curious about these new ways of life.

It is common to find two Kenyans conversing in French on social media or just in real life.

Some of those international schools mentioned offering the British system of education in Kenya.

If you are a white expatriate sent to Kenya for a 3-year assignment and you have kids in school, don’t worry.

We have you covered with our international schools that can offer your kids with the kind of education that they are used to.

You won’t have to leave them behind.

Even at the college level, we have USIU that offer some international level college education and has more than 130 nationalities in their student body.

The easiest way to introduce something new into a system is through education.

So when you mix up Russian and Kenyan students in the same class for four years, you will see some change in their behaviours.

For a long time, we were used to the 8-4-4 system of education that the government is slowly doing away with.

Kenyans complained that it wasn’t competency-based and it was just teaching people to pass exams.

And well-off parents simply transfer their kids to the British system, which is more skills-based.

A lot has contributed to the introduction of foreign lifestyle to Kenyans; the internet, foreigners, our spirit of adventure and the existence of foreign studies in our schools and colleges.

In the future, we are looking at a cross-cultural city where everyone feels at home.

And that is the dream of any city – to become a central hub where everybody who pass through is able to fit in because there is something to relate to.

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