The importance of networking and surrounding yourself with good friends along the way is one of the key successes in making it big. Money and business require friendships and most importantly trust. So how do you make it to the big leagues? Who is on your contact list? Do they add value? Offer key insights? These are some of the ‘proverbial plugs’/ ‘guy’ that you need in your contact lists.

Nduthi guy: This is a must-have number for Business and personal needs. He/She is your movement guy. Not only are they fast but also available on the fly. The nduthi guy is your plug for when you need to run personal errands or have to deliver your product anywhere in less than 30 minutes. He is your reliable person with cheap charges and is available on speed dial.

Lawyer: Having a lawyer on standby is not a Kenyan thing. However, you do need a friend who is one so that you can call and make inquiries on the legality of things before you get your business going or if you are in a conundrum of sorts. And because the market is flooded with similar businesses, being sued for copyright infringement or stealing a business idea can escalate very first. Especially if you break the ceiling and strike success. This person is your free guide to how to manoeuvre the system and stay on the right side of the law.

Confidant counsellor– a sounding board – Did a customer just ruin your day or did Murphy’s law decide to rain down on you? Running a business can be stressful especially if you are experiencing challenges or having a bad day. The confidant counsellor on your contacts list is just the right person to call as they are great at diffusing situations and most often have a clear perspective. 

Confidants/Counsellor friends are empathetic straight shooters. They are good listeners and at the same time smack you with realistic advice. You need this person as a barometer to gauge your business.

Emergency Contact: The best and most important person to have on your contact list. Why? Your emergency person is someone who is exceptional at disaster management, problem-solving and handles chaos very well. Also on the plus side, they can be called anytime, any day and for any emergency. Emergency contacts can also double as the plug for everything as they are reliable and well connected.

Guy / Plug for everything: We love this guy as he is the human cloud server who has contacts for almost everyone, all the information, the what where and how per se.  Plugs can hook you up with a regular technician and even sort you out on how to get into an embassy.

social media for businessThese guys are always up to date with what’s going on in the world and having them on your contact is a plus. And since they post on socials every day, you get 1st hand breaking news, news, promos, discounts and countless offers. Plugs are great for promoting business as they also have a vast client list and thousands of friends. One recommendation from them and you are guaranteed sales.

Kismat dude & Financial Guru:  Want to invest? Not sure how and where to spend your money? It’s important for everyone to have a ‘kismart’ person. Yes, there are people in this world who are just lucky. Fortunately, success leaves clues and these guys are great for mirroring and copycat Investment.

The financial guru on the other hand is someone who is savvy with money. They know how to get it, where to spend it and which investments have the best ROI. Generally, you have free financial consultants!

Mentor: For when you need direction and guidance. Mentors are great as they have already been where you are and offer great insights into what you need to do to become successful. I mean all mentors are successful right?

Memes guy: They are influencers in their own way and their recommendations can boost your client base. When life gives you lemonade, you find a straw and take a refreshing sip. It’s a jungle out here and with the daily stresses of life, a humour a day keeps the depression at bay. 

Memes persons are people who always upload statuses on WhatsApp that you can’t help but laugh at. Memes are funny photos/videos that give humour to everyday life. 

On the money side of it. The likes of Njugush and Churchill have profited from just making people laugh!. See how many endorsements they have under their belts!

Medical professional: Because none of all this will make sense without life and good health.

Laughter is the best medicine. Also, surrounding yourself with positive vibes brings out the best  in all of us and makes us more productive, happier plus with clarity of mind to excel at our hustles. 

Consecutively, networking is everything, investing in people will pay off in the long run.

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