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The Credit reference bureau is a term that is very common to lenders and borrowers. Commonly referred to as CRB, they keep track of your financial history and give you a scoring. These scores are what help banks and other lenders to verify you and assess your risk before lending you any money.

The 3 most used reference bureaus are CreditInfo, Metropol and TransUnion Kenya.

Let’s answer some of the FAQs you have in regards to CRB.

What is a good credit score? 

Credit scores range between 300 – 850. Kenyans who qualify for loans on average fall around 600 – 750. The higher the number the better your chances of getting large amounts as it increases confidence in the lender on your repayment.

How do I check my CRB status?

To check your status, 

TransUnion: send your names to 21272- Enter ID No. – Choose CC. Additional information will cost Ksh.650

Metropol: Pay Ksh.50 to paybill 230388 ( Registration) – Use ID as the account number- Pin and link will be sent to log in through the website. Metropol charges Ksh.150 to check credit score & Ksh. 250 for a credit report. Alternatively, dial USSD *433#

Credit Info – Credit reports can be accessed through the website with an annual subscription fee of Ksh.1,200. This bureau is recommended for Lenders.

How long does it take to be cleared by CRB?

After clearing your debt the institution or mobile lender e.g Zenka/Branch submits a request to the reference bureau to clear you. It takes 1 – 3 days.

Why does it take long to get another mobile loan after paying back?

How do you know if you are listed in CRB Kenya?

Simple. Your inability to access any loan services. From banks to mobile lenders on any platform.

How much do I pay for CRB clearance?

Metropol and TransUnion charge Ksh.2200 for a credit clearance certificate. CreditInfo charges an annual fee of Ksh.1200 plus an additional Ksh.2000 for certificate clearance.

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How do I remove myself from a CRB?

  1. Obtain your current credit report.
  2. Clear loan with the lender and notify them to submit delisting.
  3. Check after 3 days for an updated certificate.

How To Clear With CRB In KenyaWhat affects my Credit score?

  • Payment history, especially of late repayments and defaults
  • Total debt
  • Bankruptcy
  • The number of times you inquire about your score
  • Type, age and number of credit accounts

How long does it take before I am listed in CRB?

Banks will give you up to 90 days while mobile apps give you a maximum of 30 days. You will be alerted aforehand before this action is taken.


If you have never taken a loan of any kind, your credit score will also be 0 as there is no record of you in the bureau database. Also, after you have cleared your debts, it’s important to note that your record will remain in the system for up to 5 years.

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