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[Update 21.02.2022]

170,000 members, 23 Branches. What says secure and reliable Sacco than such numbers? Tower Sacco has been in operations for 47 years now! If you save with them you gain access to their flexible loan products at competitive prices and enjoy good returns on your shares and dividends

Tower Sacco ranks top as the best Tier 1 Saccos alongside Police and Stima Sacco. Thus a 6 because it has positive reviews on Twitter.

What Do We Know About Tower Sacco?

To put your mind at ease about Tower Sacco, their list of partners are Cooperative bank, Equity Bank, Family BANK, CIC Insurance and the general SASRA that confirms if a Sacco is verified.

Tower Sacco was registered in 1976 as Nyandarua Teachers Sacco and rebranded to Tower Sacco in 2002,  with the purpose of serving primary school teachers in regard to saving and borrowing. Their membership mainly comes from government institutions

Members accredit this Saccos’ sustainability and inclusivity to the betterment of members financial status.

What Products does Tower Sacco Offer, and what is it Best Known for?

You can access a maximum of 10 loans at a go and limitless short term loans.

Loans offered under BOSA range from Normal loans to special loans that cover Education, emergencies mortgages and business. These loans carry a repayment period of 12 months up to 72 months. As for the loan amounts, members access 5 times their savings or 3.5 million for the likes of the Vuka loan product which has a repayment of 84 months.

Under loan services, Tower Sacco offers a flexible repayment period. However, for loans under FOSA, member salaries have to pass through the Sacco.

Insurance Services: Tower Sacco offers a list of endless insurance covers with leading underwriters. Such insurance is health covers, domestic and motor vehicle, accident cover, travel insurance and education policies.

Tower Sacco Assurance: This is a partnership with CIC insurance that allows access to

Private motor insurance at the 4%value of the vehicle. ( 2 million in value and above)

  • Personal accident cover from Ksh.365
  • A domestic package that covers home building and contents
  • Biashara Salama covers your business at a 1.1% value of your business.

Eligibility and requirements at Tower Sacco

To join Tower Sacco, download this PDF form, fill in the details, print sign and scan back to customer

Other documents needed are a copy of the ID on both sides, a passport photo and a signature.

Have trouble filling out the form? Read these instructions.

For the Diaspora interested persons, fill in the registration forms, attach passport photos and copies. Plus pay Ksh.500 for registration and you are good to go.

Where Can You Download Tower Sacco App?

You cannot download the app services from Google Play Store or Apple Stores as there isn’t one.

Tower Sacco mobile banking systems are available through Spot cash. This Mbanking service allows you to make deposits to your account. 

In regards to deposits, contributions use paybill 350050 then key in 0081#shares or dial *645#, key in your pin and follow the prompts. The loan codes are available through this link.

How Can You Get A Loan From Tower Sacco App?

Tower Sacco loan calculator gives you an average estimate of taking a loan with them. Best to start here first.

⅓ rules are considered on all payslips as well.

For the Vuka loan product.: Certified account statements for the loan amounts and members access 5 times their savings or 3.5 million.

It goes without saying, to access Tower Sacco loans, you must be a member of the Sacco first and have opened a Fosa account.

Disbursements and Repayments at Tower  Sacco.

Long term loans are repaid through a check-off system.

Tower Sacco has a mobile banking system under the name Spot Cash. The paybill for this product is 350050. Just dial *645# and either deposit your contributions or transact.

Dividends And Shares At Tower Sacco.

Members of the Sacco vouch for Tower Sacco as being steady and consistent with 13% interest on dividends and 20% on shares as of 2021.

What Unique Does Tower Sacco Have To Offer?

84months on long terms loans? Quite unique for Tower Sacco as its competitors only offer a maximum of 3-5 years on long term loans.

Pros and Cons of Ukulima Sacco. 

Pro: Access to loan 5x your savings at 0.84%

Cons: The Sacco is designed to favour Teachers.

How can I Contact Tower Sacco?

By default, it’s important to check the company Website.

Tower Saccos’ head office is at Olkalaou, Nyahururu road. Olkalou. If you want to locate a particular branch, find the related contacts by following this link.

Email at or for forms or follow-ups.

Either call these numbers to reach an agent: 254723836421/254733416492 or, try leaving a message on the socials. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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