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Stima Sacco is a deposit-taking Sacco established in 1974. In 2003 it opened its doors to offer FOSA banking services to its members. With nine branches in Kenya, Stima Sacco’s objective is to uplift its members’ socio-economic well being. Members recently woke up to good news and exciting SMS messages on their dividends on February 27th. 14%!!

What Do We Know About Stima Sacco?

As the name suggests, Stima Sacco is owned by KPLC and is one of Kenya’s best and highly favoured Sacco. Close to 130,000 members belong to this Sacco, meaning they pay up to a maximum of  2.3 billion in dividends.

What Product Does Stima Sacco Offer & What Is It Best Known For?

Savings products. Under savings account, you can choose from Alpha, prime, Msingi bora, Junior Account or Twiga Savings account.

Credit products. Under Stima Sacco, you can choose between long term personal loans or short term personal loans, as well as business, group and loan products. Generally, these products are ridiculously subdivided to cater to specific needs such as building, school fees e.t.c. Follow the link to choose what’s the best loan offer for you.

Banking services. The Stima Sacco banking product is pretty much basic. By that, we mean it’s just about depositing money through mobile banking. Hence, to deposit, go to the Mpesa menu, input Paybill 823244. Proceed to enter the member number in line with the respective account, the amount, the pin, and you are good to go.

Weka tuweke campaign. This was more of a cashback like campaign, run by Stima Sacco. For every share capital top-up, a member earns from 0.5% -1 %. Unfortunately, this campaign was a 3-month promotion to reward its members of Alpha Deposits. It ran from June 25th to September 25th 2021. However, if you are still interested to know what it was all about. Click on the ‘weka tuweke’ hyperlink.

Eligibility and Requirements for Stima Sacco

By clicking this membership link, it will automatically redirect you to the membership page for Stima Sacco. Accordingly, depending on what you are in for, individual membership requires:

  • Membership application form,
  • Copy of ID or Valid Passport and passport size coloured photos.
  • KRA Pin copy.

Joint and group membership follow the same criteria, but each member must provide the above details and other particulars like group constitutions, minutes and registration certificates.

Let’s talk money. A standard fee of Ksh.500 is required for registration for all types of membership. On top of that, your monthly registrations should be Ksh.1000, and finally, you need to cough up Ksh.25,000 for the individual and joint for share capital. Group membership share capital remains at Ksh 50,000.

Where Can You Download Stima Sacco App?

Mobile access banking with Stima Sacco has 2 options. You can dial *489# for USSD options or use the  M-Pawa mobile banking app available on the Google Play Store.

Within the app, you can transact, borrow, transfer funds and purchase airtime, among other things.

How Can You Get A Loan From Stima Sacco App?

Getting a loan from Stima Sacco depends on which credit product you choose and what membership you are on.

The loan amounts depend on what’s in your deposit account and how much you have saved. Generally, members can access up to 3x the amount they have saved. 

Term: Repayment terms from 12months up to 72months depending on the credit product.

Interest: From 12%- 16% depending on credit product and membership account.

Disbursements and Repayments at Stima Sacco.

Simple. Disbursements at Stima Sacco are made directly to your bank account. However, for smaller amounts of less than ksh.10,000, they can be deposited to your mpesa account. 

How do you repay Stima SACCO loans? Well, this is done through checkoff for those who are employed.

3 mandatory accounts are created when you register with Stima Sacco; Prime, Alpha Deposit and Share Capital. i.e. Transactional/Current Account, Non-withdrawable Savings Account, which is also a Multiplier Account for loans and Amount of shares available, respectively. Therefore money goes to the current/transactional one.

Dividends And Shares At Stima Sacco

The minimum share capital for stima Sacco upon registration is Ksh.25,000 for individual and joint membership. For the group, however, the amount is Ksh.50,000 upon registration.

With constant monthly deposits, at the time of dividend payouts, members can comfortably get dividends for up to 14%.

Just last year, stima SACCO posted 1.02 billion net surpluses as of 2021 if that’s anything to go by, best to get registered asap.

What Unique Does Stima Sacco Have To Offer?

Stima SACCO tailored loans are both a blessing and a curse. Breaking them down into individual, societal needs is a straightforward process. On the downside, just imagine having to shuffle through all these products and trying to decide where best to get value for money and not pay ridiculous premiums.

Loans are just that. Loans.

Promotions And Rewards FromStima Sacco

We could not find any promotions or rewards from Stima SACCO.

How Can I Contact With Stima Sacco?

Visit the Stima Sacco Website to get in-depth information about the company and their loan products.

To contact Stima SACCO, try them through Facebook or  Twitter.

Alternatively, call them at +254703024000. Otherwise, visit their office location along Mushembi Rd, Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya. Open from 8.a.m – 5 p.m

If all else fails, try their email @ [email protected].

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