If you are looking to get away for a couple of days with around Ksh 50,0000, here are a few tips to make that dream holiday possible. Why wait to save 6 figures while you can enjoy the luxuries now? 

It is important to take a day(s) off to reset else your body will choose that day for you & you will probably not like it. It doesn’t matter how much you have but here are some ideas you can try if you manage to save around 50K.


A staycation is a holiday spent in your own country instead of going abroad or local trips taken within a day.

This is the cheapest option that Kenyans are revelling about especially during this Covid 19 period. As hotels really felt the pinch when covid came, they had to opt for local tourism at reduced rates. Staycations save you flight costs and split your budget by half. Let’s say for a weekend getaway in one of Kenya’s 4 start hotels at Ksh.3500/day bb, takeout &  carry your own alcohol. The total cost here will amount to 15k max.

Staycation is the new in. Take advantage of citizen prices by visiting the Mara, National parks and out of town scenic areas. If you can’t afford hotels, try camping options such as Punda milia in Nakuru. 

You can enjoy magical experiences in the most beautiful hotels in Kenya with less than 50k.  Hotels such as Golden Tulip & Woodmere service apartments offer great rates with amazing packages. Not only these but 5-star Hotels like Sarova Whitesands or the Stanley offer discounts to locals with all the inclusive whatnots.

I still want to travel abroad but on a Ksh.50,000 budget.

Well alright, if a staycation is not your jam and prefer the outside experience, here are some cost-saving tips to get you to the other side of the world.

Book plane tickets 3-6 months in advance: Ticket prices tend to be half the price if paid for in advance. Yes, browsing incognito increases your chances of getting lower prices. Just pick a date.

Take only Bed and Breakfast options when booking hotels: When you travel for holiday abroad, you most likely won’t spend time in the hotel.

Rather you will spend the better part of the day frolicking in the cities and trying local cuisines. Also, take advantage of the midday snacking that are complementary.

Holiday in countries that don’t require visas: Check your countries’ immigration website and see which countries allow for travel without visas. Most of these places are honeymoon destinations such as the Maldives.

Sample street food: Thanks to Social media, there are countless vlogs of street vendors reviews and costs of basic meals from all over the world.

Change currency into dollars and currency of vacay location- If the forex exchange rates in your country are better, change your money before you travel. Make sure to get loose notes so that it’s easier to buy and pay for stuff.

Take the bus, train, taxi: This is reserved for the risk-taker. But then again, there are taxi apps everywhere, utilize Uber and the likes to navigate places.

Lastly, travel light: With all these travelling and packing hacks, by now you don’t need a huge suitcase. Better yet, carry it with fewer clothes, shop for items that you can resell when you get back home.

Be it a staycation or abroad travel, there are a lot of hotels and holiday packages all over the internet. Just do your research and don’t be afraid to ask for ‘complementaries especially in this wake of Covid, you will definitely get something extra.

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