Carbon loan app Companies

Carbon Loan App

What we Know about Carbon Loan app Paylater is actually Carbon! Onefi bought the company and rebranded it to the Carbon loan app. (Which explains…
January 11, 2020
Upazi loan app Companies

Upazi Loan App

What is the Upazi loan App? Upazi gives you access to fast and convenient loans through your mobile phone anywhere in Kenya. Aside from other…
January 11, 2020
HiKash loan App Companies

HiKash loan App

What we know about HiKash loan App Hikash is a Kenyan lending app that's rather new to the Kenyan market. The information given in regard…
January 11, 2020
Ulezi Loan App Companies

Ulezi Loan App

Getting a loan from the Ulezi loan app? Ulezi loan app is an android powered mobile application purposed for the disbursement of quick loans to…
January 11, 2020