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Motorshop Dealership Car Loans

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What We Know About Motorshop

Motor shop Dealership is a unique car financing company that seeks to offer pocket-friendly car deals to its clients. They specialise in new and used cars that are imported from Japan and the UK. Motor shop Dealership offers car financing 100 % for women and 90% for men.

On top of that, Motorshop dealers offer quite attractive after-sales service. You get polishing, buffing, and cleaning for free. Not anywhere near Nairobi? Not to worry. They offer deliveries all over the country.

What services Does MotorShop Offer, And What Is It Best Known For?

Services offered by Motorshop dealerships are all about offering car-related services to interested buyers. They handle inventories as well as trade-ins. Whether you are in business, employed or looking for corporate buys, Motorshop dealership can cover all these areas.

The Exact Cost Of The Loan And A Representative Example

The exact cost of the car loan will depend on the model and price of that vehicle. Generally, before you purchase a car, you already know your price range. For the sake of numbers, here is a representative example from the Motorshop calculator.

For a car value of Ksh 1,000,000 for a period of 36 months, If you put up a deposit of 600,000, your monthly repayment will be Ksh.12,060.

This is for a rate of 5.4%.

*Calculation is indicative, call or visit Motorshop Dealership for a direct quote.*

Note that the deposit rates are gender-based. That is a 0% deposit for women and a 10 % deposit for men.

How Can You Get A  Car Loan From MotorShop?

To get a car loan from Motorshop Dealership, you will need: 

  • 6 months latest bank statements.
  • 3 months latest payslips.
  • Letter of employment or Contact Letter.
  • Copy of ID and KRA pin.
  • CRB clearance certificate.

When you have all these, visit the website and upload your documents and someone should call you for the next process.

Disbursement And Repayments At MotorShop

Once you are approved and cleared, you get to drive away with the car or have it delivered anywhere in Kenya. 

If you are salaried, the deduction will be from your payslip, meaning you also need a letter from your HR to facilitate this.

Repayment periods with Motorshop Dealership is gender-based. That is 48 months for men 60 for women.

Should you purchase a car on higher purchase, you will need to put up a  50% deposit and the remaining 50 % repayment within 12 months.

What Unique MotorShop Has To Offer?

Motorshop dealership is the first car financing dealership for women.

Motorshop also allows for Trade-ins.

Promotions/Offers/Discounts  And Rewards From MotorShop

If you go to the Motorshop Dealership website and scroll down, you will see cars that are on clearance sale. They change from time to time.

How Can I Contact With MotorShop?

You can contact Motorshop Dealership through social media. Their handles are just a click away. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter.

You could also call any of these two lines – 0700910512/0796463540.

Alternatively, try to email them at [email protected].

If you would like to go there physically, you need to get to Kiambu road, next to Runda.

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