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[Update 10.03.2022]

Mombasa Port Sacco has partnered with Family Bank, CIC group, Sidian Bank and even Citi group. Relatively, they are a considerable Sacco based in Mombasa. Along the lines of such a large membership of 8,000, the Sacco has check-off arrangements with 80 institutions. Not only that, but 35 of these institutions use their Sacco Fosa salary processing.

6/10 as our tanking because Mombasa Port has been fairly consistent and in the game since the 60s’ Dividends? Not so bad, above-average mostly. For the past 5 years interest ranging from 12-20% back and forth.

Tower Sacco ranks top as the best Tier 1 Saccos alongside Police and Stima Sacco. Thus a 6 because it has positive reviews on Twitter.

What Do We Know About Mombasa Port Sacco?

Mombasa Port Sacco is a financial institution with KPA as a parent company. Since 1966, this Sacco has experienced tremendous growth with an asset base of Ksh.5.3 Billion and a membership of 8000. The Sacco is open to business persons, registered Chamas and institutions plus give out loans by the billions every year.  Last year alone, Mombasa port disbursed loans to the tune of 5.12 billion +!

This Sacco has a series of savings products that require Ksh.500-Ksh.1,000 as account opening charges. As for minimum monthly deposits, members need to deposit Ksh.5,000 to earn interest on their accounts. Generally, these savings accounts have fixed deposit rates for up to 12 months.

Considering the Covid 19 wave, the DT Sacco gave out 20% in dividends and interest or 12% on member deposits.

What products does Mombasa Port Sacco Offer and what they are best known for?

BOSA: This enables a member to make deposits and access credit. The accounts under this are:

Deposits of a minimum of Ks.6,000 monthly.

Share Capital. Non-withdrawable, can be sold or transferred to an existing member. Also, the minimum share is Ksh.40,000.

Benevolent fund. These are death benefits plainly put. Burial expenses are of KSH 50,000 are paid to the next of kin and all outstanding loans settled. Also, the bereaved get 2x members’ deposits.

Loan Products: 

  • Jiendelezee
  • Mega Loan
  • Normal Loan
  • Biashara Loan
  • Asset Finance Loan
  • Masaa Loan
  • School fees loan
  • Emergency Loan

Eligibility and requirements at Mombasa Port Sacco

Membership to Mombasa Sacco is open to employees with Check-off arrangements with the Sacco, salaried employees, entrepreneurs, as well as registered community and youth groups.

Membership requirements:

  • Filled application form
  • Passport coloured photos(2)
  • Copy of  ID and KRA pin certificate
  • Registration fee of Ksh.500 with a minimum savings balance of Ksh.1,000

Where Can You Download Mombasa Port Sacco App?

Mombasa port Sacco has a mobile banking delivery channel that’s accessible 24/7. The mobile access through the USSD code gives you access to;

  • Checking statements
  • Funds transfer
  • Loan application
  • Utility payments
  • Cash withdrawal

How Can You Get A Loan From Mombasa Port Sacco App?

To get an instant mobile loan dial *346# and follow the prompts.

For large loans, one must have saved for at least 6 months allowing you access to 4times your deposits.

  • Salary must pass through Fosa for at least 6 months and the maximum amount given is Ksh.50,000.
  • Guarantor.
  • Duly filled application form. 
  • If for business, it should be registered with a 12-month bank statement.

Disbursements and Repayments at Mombasa Port Sacco.

For regular loan products, members enjoy up to 60 months on repayment periods while observing the ⅓ rule. Therefore members enjoy access to 60% of their net salary on loans.

Should you need to make payments through Mpesa, the Paybill for Mombasa Port Sacco is 854845.

Dividends And Shares At Mombasa Port Sacco.

Considering the Covid 19 wave, the DT Sacco gave out 20% in dividends and interest or 12% on member deposits. 

Deposits at Mombasa Sacco are non-withdrawable. The share capital is also not withdrawable but transferrable. Ksh.40,000 is your ticket in and Ksh.6,000 in monthly deposits is your minimum contribution.

What Unique Does Mombasa Port Sacco Have To Offer?

They have a Visa enables atm card that can be used anywhere.

Pros and Cons of Mombasa Port Sacco. 


They are consistent in the Sacco industry

Their Interest rates are always double digits.


Monthly contributions and share capital buy-in is way above average as compared to other Tier 1 Saccos.

How can I Contact Mombasa Port Sacco?

Call either of these lines: 0111173000/725 238367 

Working hours are Mon – Friday- 8.30- 4.00p.m, sat 9.00-12.00 p.m. closed on Sundays.

Email Mombasa Port Sacco at [email protected]

Physical address- Mwakilingo St.Mombasa Kenya.


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