‘Slow internet connection!. ‘I have paid; why am I still offline?’ Is this you, and are you tired of constant downtime and lousy internet? Here are some affordable internet alternatives competing with Zuku and Safaricom as well as their product’s package.

Let’s start with the infamous Poa Internet that is slowly taking over major estates in Nairobi like Utawala. This service provider has been in Kenya for over 6 years offering unlimited Internet of up to 4mbps for only Ksh.1500. Earlier on, their services catered to residents of Kawangware and Kibera at Ksh.10 only. Consequently, this package has translated to become one of Poa Street Wifi solutions. Poas’ internet package offers 100MB free data on any of their 10,000 wifi spots after KSh.20 for every 1GB of data with no expiry date.

For connection call or Whatsapp:+254 730 762762 or email them @[email protected].Click on the relevant link to be redirected to the socials. Facebook, Twitter.

Faiba has also been a constant contender in the internet provision industry. Under Jamii Telcom, you can choose a mobile data plan or home plan or Corporate.  With the MiFi router, you can enjoy,

  • 1GB for Ksh.50
  • 8 GB for Ksh.300
  • 25 GB for Ksh.1,000

Faiba MiFi router only costs Ksh.5,400.

Call them first to confirm if their services are available in your area. The customer service number for Faiba is tel:0747585100. Alternatively, email them through [email protected].

Under Liquid Telcom, for a home-based internet connection, you will have to subscribe to the Liquid home/Hai package. With this package, you can get up to 100mbps for fibre and up to 5 Mbps if you are in close range to one of their 75 transmission points. Generally for home use, this will set you back Ksh.2499. To canvass their other packages, browse through this hyperlink. Needless to say, Liquid Telcom internet connection is highly preferred and highly recommended.

Konnect is similar to what Poa offers as their wifi hotspot coverage. The plus side of these guys is they have a Eutelsat satellite capable of beaming 50 to 10mbps from anywhere you live. However, their presence in Kenya is a bit Wonky.

Other internet providers you can give a go are Elink, Skynet Broadband, Telkom and Airtel.

You already know about  Zuku or Safaricom packages and their somewhat wanting internet service. We will spare you the obvious and only mention the *555# option from Safaricom catered to the youth under the age of 26. This Blaze bundle is accessible from 12 PM – 6 AM, and you get 5 GB for Ksh.50 only.

To finish off this interesting list, you can get creative and cost-share your connection with your neighbour by splitting the cost or source the ‘sambaza’ gurus. EG, if you live in Zimmerman, you could try resellers such as LOKRE that charge Ksh. 2500 for 7 Mbps or Gabbles Networks who charge Ksh. 2500  for 5mbps. 

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