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Internet Money

Also known as Internet money, contrary to popular belief internet money doesn’t just come from Social media or task websites. There are lots of nooks and crannies to explore and get some extra cash on the side. But before we start, we need to understand the topic. What is internet money? It is exactly what it sounds like. Making money online through various platforms. It may not be ‘Pandora paper rich money’ but definitely some extra sidecash.

How do I get started? You need registration and a payment platform where your earnings can be sent. Skrill, Paypal e.t.c. 

Now that this form of hustle is a legit business, there is no need for pseudo names and fake email accounts as data is currency and used to verify persons online. Jane McDonald from Kapasabet with [email protected] as an email isn’t doing you any favours‘ David.’

What do I need? A  laptop, internet, VPN, typing speed and patience. Online money, especially transcribing pays by the hour/tasks completed. Therefore, the more efficient & tech-savvy you are the more money you make.

Where can I go to get money online? Head over to the internet. Here are some ideas to make some internet money. Depending on who is on your contact list, referrals on apps like Zenka earn you Ksh.10 for every referral. Unlike food and delivery apps that reward you with discounts and free food, these guys literally give you cash. 

On the other hand, remote tasks are also trending in Kenya as an online making platform. You can make as much as Ksh.400/day by doing at least 10 correctly done tasks.

Which Unique avenues can I explore to earn money online? Open an account with Shutterstock and get paid when your photos are used. Or maybe, log in to online streaming sites and earn money by listening to music and rating them. Get paid to push hashtags on Twitter. However, for the latter, you need to know a guy who knows a guy. Word on the street is you can get up to Ksh.10,000 just for retweeting and being part of the conversation.

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Back to Basics

Still interested in earning money through social media? The upside of the covid pandemic is it showed the financial positives of Social media content creation.

For youtube, you need to be of 18+ Years of age, have more than 1000 subscribers. Money will be earned from Ads, Merchs, and SuperChat stickers on your content. Basically the same applies to Facebook and Instagram.

Alternatively, if you have more followers you can fish for endorsements from brands and products that appeal to tour friendslist and get paid.

An interesting platform that the youth are using now is Wowzi. You earn Ksh.200 for posting on your page. The number of followers you have = more chances for more tasks.

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