What we Know About TrustGro

[Update: 19.10.2021]

Yet again, the company known as Getbucks has rebranded to what we now know as TrustGro. This rebranding comes with their shift in the mission statement and strategic direction to improve their financial services.

As a subsidiary of the Finaclusion Group, the TrustGro company still offer the same services they had before the transition.

GetBucks loans

What loan does TrustGro offer?

Trust Gro offers a series of loans such as:

  • Vehicle log book loans
  • Salary loans,
  • Govt payroll loans and,
  • Private payroll loans.

How can you get a loan with TrustGro?

Depending on the type of loan you are interested in, here are the basic requirements on how to get a loan with TrustGro.

For private payroll loans just dial *714#

In regard to Govt payroll loans and Salary loans you need to have:

  • 3 latest payslips.
  • Copy of ID/Passport photo.
  • Employment letter.
  • 3 months Mpesa statement.

To get a vehicle logbook loan from TrustGro you need to go with the following:

  • Copy of ID & Passport Photo.
  • KRA Pin Certificate.
  • Original of Vehicle logbook.
  • Bank statement or Mpesa Statement.

Alternatively, on the website, under products, just click the ‘Apply’ button, fill in the form and they will get back to you asap.

Where Can You Download Trust Gro?

TrustGro is not on the Google Play Store or Apple Stores. Unfortunately, there is no App download for this service at the moment.

If you want to access their loans services just dial.Dial *714# to apply. 

Preferably visit their website and chat with them or fill in the application request forms.

Disbursement And Repayments At TrustGro

Loans from TrustGro are deducted through the check-off system. This means that your employer has to enter an arrangement with this lender for the deduction to be effected.

The loan amount will determine how the money is disbursed. In special cases where the loan is less than Ksh 100,00, the company at its discretion will send you awarded loan to your Mpesa. Otherwise, expect to receive your loan in your bank account as soon as you have been approved and your employer signs off on the deductions and period taken on the loan.

Amount, Terms and Interest Rates with TrustGro.

You can get as low as Ksh 200,000 to a maximum of 5million with TrustGro. The rule of thumb is 66% of your monthly basic salary.

For the repayment terms, that will depend on the product of choice and the ability of your payslip deductions.

Interest rates of course have to apply. Trust Gro will charge 7.5%/month of the PP Loan amount subject to a minimum sum of Kshs.250.

What’s Unique that TrustGro Has To Offer?

For a company that heavily lends to government payroll clients, TrustGro has really stepped up in loaning out to private payroll clients as compared to its peers.

Offers, Promotions & Rewards from TrustGro.

We could not find any promotions, offers or rewards from the TrustGro lending company.

Contacts for TrustGro

The Social in which you can contact with TrustGro are Facebook Twitter  Linkedin.

On the other hand, you can use the chat pop up on the website.

Prefer to call? Have a go using – 0111149000.

If you are a bit old school or have unfinished business that requires face to face contact, try a physical appointment. You can visit their offices at Avocado towers, muthithi Rd, Westlands.

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