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Hazina Sacco society is regulated by SASRA. In the matter of Dividends and shares scale, Hazina Sacco fairs relatively well. Just recently, they paid out 20% in capital share but a sad 10 % in regard to dividends. Hazina Sacco gets a 7/10 because it’s been in the game for over 50 years now. Quite a convincing factor to consider when looking to join the best Sacco.

What Do We Know About Hazina Sacco?

Hazina Sacco is a Deposit-taking Sacco that was launched in the 1970s. Hazina provides both FOSA and BOSA services. Currently, the Hazina Sacco society has over 19,000 members and still growing. Mobile banking services are also available.

What Product Does Hazina Sacco Offer & What Is It Best Known For?

Hazina Sacco offers a series of services under Bosa and Fosa. Other than these 2 major ones, mobile banking, group/corporate membership and welfare funds are also available.

Eligibility and Requirements for Hazina Sacco

The following people can apply for Membership from Hazina Sacco:

  • National Government ministries & County employees,
  • People in the private sector,
  • Organized groups Chamas, youth groups and,
  • Corporates.

Membership fees stand at Ksh.1000 upon joining as prescribed by the Company bylaws. This is a one-off payment and, similarly, a monthly Ksh.1000 as a minimum deposit.

Where Can You Download Hazina Sacco App?

For mobile banking services, dial USSD *850#. With this mobile banking app from Hazina Sacco, you can borrow up to Ksh.30,000. Visit Google play store and download the app.

How Can You Get A Loan From Hazina Sacco App?

    • In general loan requirements, applicants are required to first be familiar with the Society’s current Credit Policy. Other requirements are:
    • 2 months original current pay-slip
    • A copy of your  National ID card 
    • Original Logbook, Title Deed & Fixed Deposit/Share deposit statement.
  • KRA PIN AND  6 months bank statement where applicable.

All loans are disbursed through FOSA Accounts.

  • Lastly, the guarantor consent form to the loan application form.

Apart from a 0.5% insurance charge put on a loan, it has to be secured with at least 2 guarantors.

Here is a Twitter snippet perfectly explained in regard to loan requirements:

Loans must be fully secured by at least 2 guarantors and other acceptable collateral. Member’s deposits up to 95% may be used for self guarantor ship provided such deposits have not guaranteed other loans.

Disbursements and Repayments at Hazina Sacco.

850436 is Hazina Saccos’ paybill for deposits in which clients who don’t use the payroll process can use to repay their loans. 

For members taking a loan more than Ksh.50,000, Hazina Saco will deposit their amounts in the Fosa account.

Dividends And Shares At Hazina Sacco

Hazina, just like Police Sacco gives its members the privilege of applying for dividend advances. Of course, it is half the amount with less 10% interest. With a steady dividend growth observation from the below chart, they are doing pretty well for themselves. See below.

What Unique Does Hazina Sacco Have To Offer?

We could not find any unique offers from Hazina Sacco.

Promotions And Rewards From Hazina Sacco

We could not find any promotions or rewards from Hazina Sacco

How Can I Contact With Hazina Sacco?

Click the link to redirect to Hazina Saccos’ Facebook or  Twitter accounts.

Looking for Hazina Sacco physical office address, head over to Kinera rd, off Ngong Road.

Working hours for Hazina Sacco FOSA members are; Mon- Fri: 8.00 am – 4.00 p.m.

Business is closed on weekends and public holidays.

[email protected]/ [email protected]

0712149631 for FOSA loans. 0727086480-FOSA. Other alternative numbers for Hazina Sacco are  0701819685/0701 820 219/0735 926 900

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