Utunzi loan app

How fast can You get a loan from Utunzi? How much is it possible to borrow from Utunzi? Read a short guide and get know everything about this loan app.

Although Utunzi’s primary method of loaning individuals is through mobile phones, it does not support the Apple operating system and is not available for users with feature phones. Therefore, to borrow from Utunzi, one ought to have an android powered smartphone.

How much is it possible to borrow from Utunzi?

The minimum amount you can borrow from Utunzi is Kshs 500 and Kshs 100,000 as of the maximum. How to improve the credit limits with Utunzi? This lender offers credit scores that are automatically calculated by its tech system. For your loan to be approved, make sure the information you input while registering is correct and true.

How fast can you get a loan from Utunzi?

Once you have downloaded the application, fill in the correct details, your loan application is approved, and you receive your loan in 3 MINUTES. It is quite fast, and this is a great advantage of this lending company. 

Your loan is sent to your M-Pesa, on the number you registered with on the Utunzi Loan app.


Who is eligible for Utunzi loans?

  • Anyone with the loan requirements mentioned above
  • Must have a good loan history with other lending facilities

What does “good loan history” mean in this case? If you pay off all your loans and debts on time and you have no unpaid, past-due financial obligations, you have a good loan history.

How to borrow loan from Utunzi?

To borrow a loan from Utunzi, you will need the following requirements.

  • National ID
  • Android-powered phone
  • Trusted referees
  • Good loan history

How to access Utunzi apps?

You can access their application by downloading it on the Google Play store.

First-time users should download the Utunzi application first from Google Play store and sign up to be members.


To borrow your Utunzi loan:

  1. Download the Utunzi loan app from Google Play Store. Note that the app is only available for android mobile phone users.
  2. Sign up with your phone number and identification number details.
  3. Select the ‘Apply for a loan’ option.
  4. Enter the amount you want to borrow according to the loan limit given.
  5. Answer all the questions honestly and correctly.
  6. Attach a photo of your National ID
  7. Add referees.
  8. Submit the application
  9. If approved, you will receive the loan shortly on your M-Pesa. Make sure to register on Utunzi app with a Safaricom M-Pesa number that will receive your loan once approved.

How to pay back your Utunzi loan?

  • Go to the M-Pesa menu 
  • Choose Lipa na M-Pesa option 
  • Select the Pay bill option 
  • Enter the business number: “800950.” 
  • In the account number details, enter your Utunzi registered phone number. 
  • Enter the amount payable.

How much are the Utunzi loan Interest rates?

Utunzi loan rates and durations for loan payment vary with the amount borrowed. By paying your loan in time, Utunzi rewards you with better rates for your next loans.

What are the penalties for late loan payment in Utunzi loan app?

Failure to pay your loan in the time expected will:

  • Lead you to be listed on the CRB list of credit defaulters. 
  • Increase loan penalties per time after the due date.

These repercussions affect your credit score and limit your chances of receiving loans from other loaning bodies.

Before using the Utunzi services, read through their terms and conditions to understand their service operations.

For any questions and matters concerning Utunzi loan app, check out their website; https://utunziventures.co.ke/

Or contact them through email; [email protected] or contact; 0720686009

Utunzi is also on social media; Facebook and Twitter to provide their esteemed customers with more information. They instantly answer their customers’ queries.

For those with the app can get in-app support by sending a message on Utunzi loan app.

FAQ sections

In conclusion, Utunzi loan app works in these simple steps:

  • Download the Utunzi loan App from the Google Play store.
  • Register with the correct details.
  • Apply for a loan and once confirmed,
  • Receive loan in your Mpesa.
  • Repay on time to increase your limits for the next loan.

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