Healthcare in Kenya is expensive and barely affordable to below-average Kenyans as is. Imagine having a Kh.35,000 salary and having to balance daily expenses with the new ta rates. Impossible. Whilst the Kenyan Government has raised the tax bracket on almost everything, your employer hasn’t and now you are stuck wondering how you can afford primary healthcare for you and your family.

Thanks to innovative startups and tech, we have highlighted some options below that are affordable/ cheap to consider if employed and without health insurance or in business. 

These are some of the cheapest medical covers that take monthly instalments for less than Ksh.1000.

Let’s start with the general NHIF cover. Before, you had to be employed to register with NHIF with the minimum deduction on payslips is Ksh.1200. Notwithstanding, NHIF recently launched an affordable plan that caters to the regular mwananchi, whereby you pay Ksh.500 monthly i.e Ksh.6000 annually. Also, you don’t have to be employed! Just dial *155#

To access these services register and fill an application form that will cover all healthcare-related issues under the UHC initiative.

Alternatively consider the Mtiba Safaricom option whereby you can save as little as Ksh.10 – 100 monthly. Opt-in by dialling USSD *253# or call the toll free line 0800 721253 . This type of digital medical insurance through strategic partnerships lets you save and pay for healthcare services only.

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On the other hand, in keeping with digital financlusion, there are dozens of affordable apps that focus on healthcare financing and payable through Mpesa. Such apps Include Turaco healthcare; insurance companies for the 2% below the line. Or ConnectMed that offer digital consultations from licensed professional doctors. Ponea Health is also worth looking at as a healthcare aggregate in the digital inclusion industry.

Linda mama initiative is also an affordable program that targets expectant Kenyan mothers who cannot afford any medical cover. Under Linda mama, all services are covered including post-delivery baby care and outpatient baby care. Unfortunately, this cover allows you to benefit for only a year and is only accessible in government hospitals.

To opt for this service dial *263#. Their maternity cover is up to Ksh10,000 while Csection goes up to Ksh.30,000.

For the average Kenyan earning around Ksh 35,000 and above, consider low-cost hospitals such as Avenue Healthcare, Equity Afia or Bliss. These new middle-class hospitals offer competitive rates and quality healthcare services.

If the above options are unavailable to you or prefer the free kind of healthcare, how about church medical camps. In line with giving back to the community, a lot of churches offer such drives by dispensing free drugs, offering free medical consults to minor diseases.

These are just some of the convenient affordable primary healthcare options that don’t require one to be fully employed. Plus, you get to save whatever you have and use it in the future for yourself or your family. Alternatively, look at it as another alternative way to save.

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